How often to water the garlic in different seasons

Garlic is well tolerated cold, so in temperate climates it is often planted in the fall.In this case, the plant begins to develop with the first warm days of spring and early summer will have new bulbs.Garlic is planted in the spring, usually harvested in late summer.At the same time he is worse is stored, more susceptible to various diseases, it is not so pronounced flavor and aroma.

One of the secrets of cultivation of this crop is timely saturation of soil moisture.How often to water the garlic, depending on time of year, the amount of precipitation, as well as some other parameters.As a rule, winter vegetables are planted near the end of autumn, but certainly before the first frost.Garlic is propagated by means of separate fragments of the bulb, that is, in simple terms, teeth.They should be planted in fertile soil, not more frequently than once every 4 years on the same site.

Go back to the care of winter garlic should be in the spring when the snow melts.It can feed up and loosen the soil.Many gardeners are interested in the question of how often to water the garlic with the onset of spring.If the winter was enough snow, the moisture after thawing is usually enough to May.So in case of a rainy spring in spring watering winter garlic does not need.

By early summer, the plants begin to appear on the arrows that you need to break down.Otherwise, all of the energy plant will focus on the development of inflorescence and seed ripening, so that the bulbs are obtained either underdeveloped or not will form.Several arrows can still leave for further propagation or for the control, then to calculate the correct time of harvest.

At this stage, it is important to know how to properly watered garlic, because during this period the plant needs more moisture.3 weeks before the planned harvesting should stop all work on the beds (except for weed control).Watering garlic recommend not very frequently, as the drying of the soil.In dry time it should be done once a week, in raw and rainy times - even rarer.Thus experts strongly recommend to carry out additional fertilizing.

about how often you need to water the garlic in a particular area, usually know the people who grow it long ago.But even a novice, which makes it the first time, can figure out that the plant is not enough moisture for privyadshey tops and dry soil.

addition to winter garlic, which can be distinguished by the characteristic purple veins on the peel onions, this culture also grown the traditional way to spring crops.The teeth are planted in the prepared soil in the spring, and dig up the bulbs in early fall.How often to water the garlic planted in such a way, it depends upon the dry summer.Naturally, in a hot season all the plants longer need extra moisture.But it is better not to abuse the watering and to do so as required (not more than 2 times a week in summer and 1 to 2 times a week in the spring).

Sometimes the garlic is grown using seeds, but in this case the crop can be harvested only in the second year after planting.This method is not very common, because it is considered troublesome, but he has a certain advantages.How often to water the garlic in the first year after planting the seeds, also depends on climatic conditions and soil moisture.In general, this plant is not a whimsical, so that even when there is insufficient irrigation can give a good harvest.