Where are you, my half?

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How sad and lonely, when there is no lover.This is especially serious condition experienced by women.Although men also need a partner, but by their nature they are not as deep and dramatic feel loneliness.

Let's see what you need to meet your soul mate?

Most women ask themselves: "The man with whom I meet at the moment - it's my soul mate or not?".And the answer here may be unexpected, "If now this man has come into your life, it means he is your mate, even if the relationship will last only a few days."

laws of the universe - the path to happiness and harmony

Why?Yes, because we come into this world not to get married, build a house, raise children, get a good job or to organize your business.We come into this world, so that in all these situations, get important knowledge on how to properly and harmoniously exist in this world to be happy.Happy in everything: in love, work, work.In order to obtain this knowledge, it is necessary, first of all, to study the laws of the world in which we live, the laws of the universe.

agree that if we do not follow and perform certain rules and laws, then our life will be a lot of problems.For example, if we are not waiting for the green light, cross the street, then it is likely that may happen to us not a good situation, and maybe at all dramatic.Or if we are not observing certain laws, suddenly decide to plant a vegetable garden for the winter, it is unlikely that we will have a harvest.It's simple - he freezes.

And in life, if we do not know and do not try to understand what laws are developing relationships between people, it is not surprising that still accounts alone chew cold supper and night, turning in bed with longing to ask yourselfthe same question: "Where are you, my second half?".

So, first of all, we came to this world to learn and have the right knowledge.Those who managed to get this knowledge gets better life.He did not run a red light, and quietly waiting for the green to safely arrive at their goal.

Everyone - our "half»

Now why every person who comes into your life, is your second half.

Let's start with an example: Anna's life in relationship with a man always developed on the same scenario.She met a man.Their whirlwind romance sprang up and then a month or two after a series of conflicts all ended rupture.Do you think that Anna felt when once again, she was horrified to realize that with each new man the script of their relationship is repeated again and again, bringing her to another mental suffering.

Here is a classic situation where a person, not knowing what rules are developing a relationship of love, instead of receiving only a negative state.If Anna has asked himself the question: "What are the lessons I have to go in the relationship that I have to understand, and most importantly, I have to change in yourself, in your mind?", That she could avoid a lot of suffering.

analyzing the relationship, start with yourself!

Anna problem lay in the fact that it has too pronounced masculine (yang) start.It's always a problem - when a woman's body are activated very masculine energy.This imbalance, it should not be.In this manifest violation of the laws of the universe.

universe is always striving for balance.Therefore, the balance came to Anna, Anna universe leads to the strong man with Jansky energies that in cooperation with them, Anna changed itself.That is, would become softer, she would appear more yin energy.And then there was this would be harmony of yin and yang.According to the laws of nature, a woman's body should prevail, soft, moon, yin energy.A male body - strong, sunny yang.

If Anna knew such simple things and started to work on themselves, instead of fighting with her man on the subject of who is stronger and who is right, it would long ago have found happiness.But in reality everything is different.Anna, after a break, simply just thought that this man is not her mate, and she again had no luck.In fact, many women are faced with problems in the relationship, they think the same way: "I was just unlucky."Rather than ask the right question, "What am I doing wrong?", They comfort themselves: 'Do not worry, the next time I meet that same! ".

But in fact, each person is to meet the partner with whom he must work out some of his internal "imbalances" that are in our body or in our minds.For this we need and our mate.Because only in cooperation with others, we can see its internal weaknesses.

Man needs man

While we are alone, we are white and fluffy, like angels, but once we start with someone to chat as we are, at times, was horrified to notice what we have sitting Dragon, ready at anymoment to pounce on anyone who came into our space.Whether in transport or at work or in partnership.

wants to bring a wonderful phrase: "Through the people who appear in our lives, God wants us to say something very important, something to tell us."Before Anna God wanted to convey the following knowledge: "Anna, if you do not do everything possible to become more soft, gentle, compliant, all your relationships will crash.And finally, if you do not understand, then you can be alone. "

can say that every man that arise in the life of Anna, was her second half.Moreover, all these men were, one way or another, similar in nature, vitality and energy.But Anna did not know what she wants from the universe, it does not take the test.And remained in the second year.Alone.And so over and over again.

We all their tasks, their internal problems: pride, arrogance, intolerance, jealousy, fear, greed, sloth ... And each of our vice universe sends us a person or situation, in cooperation with which these defects occur veryThey wake up and go outside.Everything that we have - it is aware of their negative qualities, and to get rid of them.

Look carefully at your current partner and ask yourself the question: "Why did you come into my life?What does God want to say to me through you?What are the internal values ​​of the wrong I have to work in order to comply with the laws of the universe and to be happy? »

And if we find the answer and start to work on yourself, the results may simply overwhelm us.Relationships sharply harmonized, improved health, and money come in sufficient quantities ... It means that we have passed the exam, and passed to the next grade!

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