Can I buy at the pharmacy steroids?

In recent decades, athletes from around the world are actively using speed dial muscle group of chemical compounds that have a similar structure, and they are called steroids.These substances are often referred to as anabolics, which are obtained by synthesis of the male hormone - testosterone (responsible for the normal development of the body, libido, and so on. D.).

What types of steroids?

In the world of sports chemistry scientists for many years can not agree in opinion on the typology of steroids.Today, various research centers result in about a dozen types.However, there are only a few basic:

  • corticosteroids (their task is to care for the skin);
  • progestogens and estrogens (female hormones, which are part of contraceptives);
  • androgens (male hormones, such as testosterone, ensuring normal operation of the reproductive system, as well as strong growth in muscle mass).

Under certain conditions, the human body is capable of processing one steroid in the other.If we happen hormonal imbalance, the doctor prescribes medicine, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.Steroids are assigned in this case almost always, since this is a major indication for said drugs as medicaments.

How are steroids?

action of steroids used in the form of tablets or injections aimed at enhancement of metabolic processes in the human body and simultaneously slowing down the decomposition of complex substances that have an organic nature.The first, for which anabolic steroids are taken, is the activation of protein metabolism.Then they stimulate the exchange of minerals in the body: delay phosphorus, potassium and sulfur, which are localized calcium in the bones, as well as providing the usual protein synthesis.

Although steroids pharmacy and sold, most of these products can be found in specialty stores sports nutrition.Their use allows the muscles are actively feeding, and accordingly - increase.This function allows you to call them steroid hormones construction.

list of the most popular steroids pharmacy

It is believed that the best steroids is sold in licensed pharmacies.Naturally, some truth in this statement is, in fact there are drugs control special commissions.

The pharmacy steroids are not the most popular drugs.Of these, most often buy:

  • "Fenobolin" (solution for injections in ampoules of 10-25 mg, which is used by intramuscular injection of one ampoule every fourteen days);
  • "Methandrostenolone" (tablets for receiving from one to 10 a day are placed under the tongue);
  • "Silabolin" (ampule with a solution for injection, which can take 25 mg every two weeks);
  • "Retabolil" (vials for use by intramuscular injection of 1 mL per month);
  • "Metilandrostendiol" (lozenge under the tongue of 100 mg per day).

obvious that anabolic steroids can be found in pharmacies.Here are just take them is strictly prescribed by a doctor and these dosages, to protect themselves from the lack of effect, and various side effects.

Where and how you can buy steroids

before making purchases in the first step is to determine the type of drug (to increase muscle mass or to work on a relief) and its dosage.You also need to select the manufacturer, since it is responsible for the quality of its product.After that you can buy in a pharmacy steroids or order them online store.And then everything is simple - follow the instructions to swing in the hall and make your body even more sporty and attractive.