Sports Supplements: Protein "Matrix"

Today, the concept of "body-building" and "sports supplements" - are inseparable.Bodybuilding - a sport that includes not only correctly matched system of training and exercises, and diet.Research confirmed that improve metabolism and reduce the percentage of body fat need not starve, but on the contrary, there is often (up to six times a day).This power must be balanced.All received calories, and are also used proteins, fats and carbohydrates need to count and develop their daily diet based on loads in the room and throughout the day.Many people can not eat properly because of work or lack of time.Sometimes it turns calories per day is simply not enough to achieve the desired growth of muscle mass.Therefore, more and more often, instead of a snack or a full meal with bodybuilders take sports supplements.

Use protein supplements

These additives to the basic diet have excellent positive properties.And all of them are inherent in such sports nutrition products like protein "Matrix".Firstly, the time for its preparation should be very little (just add milk or water to the dry protein powder).Secondly, in comparison with the conventional food proteins consist of simple substances (amino acids), which in a very short period of time will be metabolized by the body (if we take normal food, to obtain melon substances body take a long time for their digestion).Third, given the two previous statements, the athlete will be able to quickly close the anabolic window (the time after training (10-30 minutes afterwards) when the body metabolizes food without the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and all the elements obtained leave to restore power in the muscles)and to organize a meal anywhere, anytime.


protein supplements protein supplements nowadays there are so many.And they differ not only in manufacturing companies, but also views.There are varieties of proteins like whey, egg, casein, vegetable, meat and fish.At the same time they have their own subspecies.Whey protein is divided into whey concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey hydrolyzate.The plant is divided into soybean, pea and hemp proteins.All of them produce different companies.Among them may be mentioned all such brand sports food additives like protein "Matrix".

properties of different types of proteins

Whey protein is quickly absorbed by the body, it contains a lot of amino acids.Ideal for use prior to or immediately after exercise.

Milk (casein) protein is something similar to the serum, but with one difference - it is much slower to digest.Therefore, it is best to take before bedtime, because the body uses energy even in a dream.

Egg whites - is a benchmark in the world of proteins.All other types of proteins on the value and digestibility compared with him.It has a high amino acid composition and the rate of assimilation.

"Matrix" (protein) composition

Let's deal with this product.Protein "Matrix" has very good characteristics.Due multicomponent composition it helps provide the body of the athlete desired amino acids and proteins over an extended period of time.This helps fuel the athlete's body in general and in particular muscle.It contains whey, casein, egg proteins.Each of them has a different coefficient of assimilation and the time, which helps to quickly restore power.One serving of protein (32 grams or one stingy) contains many nutrients and essential amino acids.

The ratio of protein / fat / carbs is 23g / 2g / 3g (72g / 6g / 9,4g per 100 g), respectively.Energy value - 120 kcal (275 kcal per 100 g).One sparing of the additive in 250 ml of water, juice or milk.Depending on the purpose and intensity of training bodybuilder, the amount of dimensional stretcher can range up to 2-3 in one step.

sports supplements brand "Matrix"

Under the brand name "Matrix" produced two types of products.The first - a protein "Matrix" 5.0.It is somewhat different from the other.The second - a protein "Matrix" 2.0.The difference between them is that in the first embodiment, the additive is about 76 portions, in the second embodiment - about 30. The protein mixtures have the flavor banana, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint cookies, orange and others.Protein supplements are of high quality at a low price.That is why they are highly valued among bodybuilders and athletes.

Protein "Matrix": reviews

And what consumers say?Protein "Matrix" combines excellent quality.The special technology of its creation makes it easy to mix it with water, milk (fat 1.5%) or juice.In this will not form lumps which shoddy proteins with a low amount of protein necessary to break blender.A wide range of flavors will allow the athlete to find your favorite.Having analyzed most of the forums on bodybuilding, it can be concluded that due to affordable prices, high quality and multi athletes prefer protein "Matrix".Reviews on the same forums suggest that the most common flavors of sports nutrition supplements this manufacturer are mint flavored biscuits and chocolate.In most cases, the protein is easily tolerated and does not cause gastrointestinal disorders.Also, the product of this brand can be freely used in the preparation of high-protein desserts and cocktails.