The density of granite - the key to its longevity

What associations do you have with the word "granite"?First of all, it's monuments, which for decades adorn the streets of any city.On the appearance of these monuments have left traces of neither time nor change of weather conditions.

density of granite - that this criterion characterizes the breed as an upscale building material.A Soviet-era monuments - the best proof of the durability of natural stone.Today, both natural and artificial granite is widely used in construction.

What kind of stone?The name "granite" (from the word Ā«granumĀ») is translated from Latin as "grain" that immediately indicates the character of the structure of the volcanic igneous rock.The basis of this natural stone consists of quartz, which is a granule, mica and feldspar, and other impurities.Colours can be varied: white, gray, red, pink, or even black.

Fine stitching, due to its granular structure, easy in the processing, including heat treatment, perfectly ground and polished to a mirror natural granite very fond of designers.The polished stone mica sparkle with multicolored sparks, unpolished softly absorb the sun's rays.The beauty of this stone opens unlimited space for imagination.And it makes such a universal property of the density of granite, which is equal to 2.5 thousand. Kg / m3, that it makes it possible to use this stone for interior and exterior decoration of buildings.For example, the Chinese yellow granite facade can coat or base buildings, use it as a paving stone or granite curbs, from it we can make kitchen countertops and steps and railings and balusters can be.Granite will be good in any form.

density of granite, as well as its low water absorption make it possible to coat the stone baths, bathrooms and even the bottom of the pool.Due to the high density stone water well kept on the surface, but you are never from slips, as rough granite structure forms a stable effect chains.

For the same reason, this stone is very fond of landscape designers.If you decide to decorate your yard alpine slide, the granite without you just do not do, because it is better than others it brings rain and snow, frost and sun.

If someone really like granite, natural stone but it can not afford, you can try replacing it with an artificial analogue.The basis of artificial granite is a mineral filler, and a fifth - a polyester resin.Density artificial granite and its strength, which is two to three times higher than the natural, allowed to withstand high loads.

It is produced by molding sand, clay, feldspar, mica, with the addition of dyes under high pressure.Then it requires calcining at a temperature above 1200 degrees.Artificial granite has many properties of its original counterpart, but of course it is not as durable, although it has its advantages.For example, it is simply irreplaceable in the kitchen.Sink, worktop, panels of this wonderful artificial stone look elegant, and most importantly - make it easy to maintain perfect cleanliness in your kitchen: they are perfectly washed, they are not formed by the mold and multiplying bacteria, since they are made of non-porous material that is resistant toChemical resistance.

classical splendor, luxury and an atmosphere of antiquity - that's what will give you the granite in the interior of a house or apartment.This natural stone, absorbed the heat of the magma, surprisingly well with wood and ceramics.It will make your home warm and cozy.