Communicating vessels.

One of the interesting phenomena associated with hydrostatics - communicating vessels.It would seem that everything is simple, but, nevertheless, they provide an excellent occasion to get acquainted with the example of the work of atmospheric pressure and plunge into the distant past.

To refresh the memory of the information that is communicating vessels, remember the simple experiment, conducted earlier in physics lessons at school.On one plane placed several vessels of different shapes - round, rectangular, cylindrical, cone-shaped, and connected to the tube at the bottom.One of these vessels begins to fill with water through the connection pipe water will flow to all vessels, and, surprisingly, in all the vessels, irrespective of the form of the latter, the water is at the same level.

This is due to the fact that they are all under the same atmospheric pressure, and once they are on the same level, and the liquid placed therein will be on the same level, because in all the vessels situated at the same pressure.

way, the simplest practical applications of communicating vessels we get when we pour the water from the kettle.While tea is level, the level of water in the kettle, and his nose is the same, becausetea and spout are communicating vessels.Edge level spout above the water level.If we cant spout below the water level, it begins to flow out of it.

There is a simple consequence of the foregoing.If communicating vessels are at different heights, the outlet tube connecting these vessels will operate pressure.Its value is equal to the pressure of the water column equal to the difference in height between the vessels.It is very simple - if the receptacles are arranged at different heights, the water from the top of the vessel will flow into the lower.

If you look at the history of technology, then there are plenty of cases when used in communicating vessels;physics behind this phenomenon, sometimes does allow miracles.How beautiful fountains of Peterhof!But they are built without the use of complex equipment, electric motors and other machinery, which certainly would have benefited from today's professionals.And here is used in its pure form communicating vessels.Ponds and water fountains are located above the level that ensures the supply of water to them without any mechanism under atmospheric pressure.It is simply beautiful, and it is impossible not to admire.

another example, all the intimate and friendly.Water Tower.Water is pumped into the tower and is located at a high altitude, gravity enters the house, and not just on the ground floor.Here again the work communicating vessels.The pressure, the magnitude of which is caused by the difference in height between the water tower and tap water system, and provide water supply to the upper floors.

poor Romans!About communicating vessels they knew nothing, and when they built their aqueducts to supply the city with water, always made them with a constant decrease from the source, although in many places could follow the relief of the soil and let the tube up the small slope.But they are always built aqueducts on top and with a constant slope from the source.

But the Chinese know about communicating vessels and using their property, began to build gateways.The principle of operation is very simple.Next are two sluice chambers interconnected by a special channel.Sluice gates are closed, then open the channel interconnecting the two chambers, and water according to the law of communicating vessels flows to a lower level.Using a system of locks, you can carry out the movement of ships in areas with significant elevation changes.

course outlined here does not cover all cases of practical application of the communicating vessels, but allows you to get an idea of ​​what constitutes this wonderful physical law, and it is embodied in the daily life.