Where is Elizabeth Tower (United Kingdom)?

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Few people know, but until 2012 in the UK there was no structure called the Elizabeth Tower.At the same time it was built much earlier - in 1834.How did this happen?The fact that until 2012 the tower was of a very different title - it was a well-known Big Ben.On the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen of Great Britain's most famous attraction of the country, it was decided to rename.Since then, it became known as Elizabeth Tower.

little about the history of

first building of the clock tower was erected in 1288, it stood for more than five centuries, but in 1834 it was almost completely destroyed by fire.In its place, it was decided to erect a new tower.The architect was Charles Barry, whose work is also a project of the Palace of Westminster.

height of the new building was 96.3 meters.The diameter of each of the four dials located on the sides of the square plan of the tower, - 7 meters.The first clocks were made of iron, but they were too heavy and had to be replaced by a lighter, made of alloy.This helped to improve the accuracy of the mechanism.Creator of the clock became Benjamin Valyami.

The world's largest four-sided clock mechanism with the battle was launched in May 1859, and since then his work has never been interrupted.Even hit the tower bomb during the Second World War could only slightly reduce the accuracy of the watch, but did not stop them.

Behind the walls of the tower hangs the famous bell, which was nicknamed Big Ben.Its diameter is about 3 meters, and weight - nearly 14 tons.None of the New Year in the UK is not without a fight dimensional world famous bells.

Where is Elizabeth Tower?

Many have seen pictures of the building, but not all are, where it is located.As mentioned above, Elizabeth Tower was designed by the architect, who is also the author of the Palace of Westminster.Part of the palace and the clock are previously worn name Big Ben.

area in which it is located the palace and crowned it the northern part of the tower, also called the Westminster and is located on the left bank of the Thames.This is the central part of London, more than any other tourist attraction.There are attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the famous St James's Park, Westminster Abbey etc.

get to the Elizabeth Tower in various ways.If the taxi does not suit you, please use the subway.Exit the station will have "Westminster".And there will go only a few dozen meters from the place where Elizabeth Tower will appear before you in all its grandeur.Another option - the bus.Before you can reach the desired location on the routes followed by up to Trafalgar Square and Victoria Street.

What is the famous tower?

Direct and square in plan Elizabeth Tower is one of the most recognizable structures in the world.Even a person not familiar with the culture of the UK, it is easy to recognize these famous clock Big Ben.Showing an excellent example of the Western European Gothic architecture, it not only attracts attention, but is memorable, despite the fact that the shape of Elizabeth Tower is very simple.With a square plan elongated rectilinear facades create familiar to all of the lessons of the geometry of the box.Only in this case, it is decorated with a gabled roof, spire, a large number of Gothic decor and a 7-meter dials on each side.Their glasses are made of opal Birmingham.

clockwork, located at an altitude of 55 meters, weighs about 5 tons.Under it - a 300-pound pendulum having a length of 4 meters.Despite the huge size, the clock on the Elizabeth Tower is the finest in the country.Their error arose after the bomb hit, is not more than 2 seconds.

Why is it called Big Ben?

There are many myths about the origin of the old name of Elizabeth Tower.But they all agree on one thing - the name of the structure gave the bell.And that is why it was named so, is difficult to say.

The simplest version of this fact explains the characteristic sound of the bells, reminiscent of the sound of his words, "Big Ben".The rest of the views associated with the names of certain Englishmen.For example, it is believed that the name of the bell presented to Sir Benjamin Hall, who took an active part in its creation.According to another version, the name of the well-known at the time heavyweight boxer Benjamin Count gave the nickname of the London sights.

Interesting facts

Even if you know perfectly well where Elizabeth Tower is probably unfamiliar to you some interesting facts about its history.It is difficult to imagine, but for several years it was used as a prison for parliamentarians.Nowadays, of course, the tower does not bear such a function.

Under each of the four dials is the inscription "God Save the Queen Victoria."Another phrase, shorter passes around the perimeter of the tower, and says, "Praise the Lord."

position of the tower has changed since it was carried out under the Metro line.The deviation was only 22 millimeters in the northwest side.
interest is the fact that the minute hand, the length of which is 4.2 meters per year covers a distance of 190 kilometers.By the way, clockwise length - 2,7 m.

Where else can you see the Elizabeth Tower?

Mention of the UK's most famous clock can be found in literature, film, and even the works of animation.Often this London landmarks gets very unenviable role - it fights occur, it looted and even explode.For example, in the movie "Mars Attacks!" Aliens destroy the upper part of the tower, in the «V - for Vendetta" and an explosion occurs.Even fantasy characters are not spared the famous clock.In the movie "Reign of Fire" tower with a palace destroyed by dragons.

Whatever there was no motion picture United Kingdom, Elizabeth Tower is sure to be there.For London, it is the same identification mark as the Eiffel Tower for Paris.Even in some games, such as the «Call of Duty» and «Mass Effect 3 ', as you can see Big Ben.