Charity Rive Gauche: School Shostakovich

All parents want to find the most perfect school where their child will have a profound comprehensive education, reveals the fullness of his personality in an atmosphere of morality, care and love.

It is the task set before him Shostakovich family, returning to the 90-iesfrom exile to their homeland.The son of the great composer Maxim Shostakovich and his wife, Marina, was founded one of the first in St. Petersburg Orthodox schools.Christianity, according to Maxim and Marina, is the moral core, which is to build the process of formation of the human person.

«Our school - school home education, where students, teachers and parents - one family" - say Shostakovich.

main setting for the student: "Know thyself."

Home installation for the teacher: "You are a gardener, not genetic engineering."Farmed and spiritualize what is given to a child of God.Comprehend the idea with him about it, help the child to grow up to the best of his own "high image".

Shostakovich The school has everything you need modern school full-time - professional teaching staff, which includes honored teacher of Russia, experienced psychologists and other specialists of the highest category.There are equipped rooms, there are rooms for music, fine arts, theater, sports and more.But the most important - is the love and kindness, patience, and responsibility and faith!

Since 1998, the School of Shostakovich works as an elementary school full-time in the church of St. Catherine congressional lines.But children grow up, come new students and the walls are old school for them closely.School had to get a new room.Government of St. Petersburg has met the initiative and passed school Shostakovich monument of regional importance - old former factory metal buttons brothers Buch on Vasilyevsky Island, in need of renovation.It could freely stay in school for the full cycle of education for children from 1 to 11 grade.

majestic building of the end of the last century, is a shining example of industrial architecture, brick, if permeated with the spirit of old St. Petersburg!Here children can feel the power of his native city, its great history and noble traditions.And, of course, classes, dance and gymnastic halls will be in it much more spacious!

Conservation brickwork factory Buch, representing the value of the basic construction, special attention was paid during the entire course of reconstruction.

can say that while it is not one of the brick does not hurt!

great idea to fill the old building with new life could come true with the support of the owners of the network of shops of perfumery and cosmetics Rive Gauche, known in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities for its charity projects.

Spirit Rive Gauche is very consonant with the idea of ​​school Shostakovich.Cleanliness, beauty, harmony -bezuprechnaya environment for the development of the young person.Chain stores not only financially supported the construction of a new school, but also seeks interest in this project and the idea of ​​"home education" citizens of our city.In the past year, together with the House of Guerlain, known for his careful attitude to traditions and family values, and the muse of Guerlain, - Natalia Vodianova with active charity work around the world, Rive Gauche initiated the charity campaign "Beauty is in the name of kindness."

During the month of 2.3% of the profits from all sales Guerlain transferred to the fund the construction of a new school Shostakovich.

lovely Natalia Vodianova visited House Rive Gauche and held a press conference devoted to the action "Beauty in the name of kindness" and, of course, fall in love with everyone!

The money allowed to continue construction of the school.There are very few, and young students first crossed the threshold of their new school.For their pure hearts full of hope is still in its infancy, this meeting more than a meeting with a new and beautiful House - a meeting with the future!Let it appear to them the most friendly, kind and bright!New School will soon open ... Shostakovich.