How to build a wooden fence with their hands

Due to the fact that the popularity of the newly started using natural materials, increasingly, many owners of gardens want to install a wooden fence with their hands.Such barriers can now be observed even around the most modern houses, well and their use in suburban areas the ability to add comfort.To achieve quality performance have to learn at least the basics of installation of the structure.Then it can get good wood fence, the price of which will decrease significantly in the case of self-fulfillment.The first step is to decide on its type, which will depend largely on the set home handyman tasks.

Whatever wooden fence with their hands or want to build, it would in any case have the same principles of installation of pillars and the basic elements that are used to mount the boards.However, after the installation of its appearance can be quite different.One of the simplest involves placing dense strips on one side of the upright.This fence looks pretty solid, while fully provides excellent protection from prying eyes.Sometimes siding applied to decorate a wooden fence.Photo of such facilities may demonstrate all its beauty to the full.

Erection begins with the installation of piles, acting as the main support members.First-Ground corner posts.Experts recommend to deepen the poles into the ground about a third of the entire length.This is especially true of extreme stands and those that carry a maximum load of other structures (such as gates and gate).Holes often performed by special screws or augers.They can greatly facilitate the task.

When erected a wooden fence with their hands, there is a need to protect against rot resistant.In place of bitumen roofing felt and came modern impregnation.Protected against moisture poles placed in the prepared pit, at the bottom of which must be in the rubble to construct not subsided after a while.After installing all the base support elements of the fence must make a small mound helps to avoid water collecting around the post.Further, the top and bottom rails are fixed, to which are attached directly to the board fence themselves.

After the wooden fence was built with his own hands, it must be well rounded protective equipment.In the first stage the wood is purified from various contaminants, tars and dust.Thereafter, processing is performed directly itself, provides for two stages.The first of them is used antifungal antiseptic that helps protect the wooden elements of mold and rot.In the second step applies the paint for facade work, allows to protect the product from ultraviolet rays and give it a respectable appearance.