All of the herbs thyme: useful properties and contraindications

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Nature has created a diverse and unique plant that people use for medicinal, cosmetic and culinary purposes.Thyme is one of those plants, which have a strong healing properties.This herb has an ancient history, it is mentioned in ancient Greece, it was used in different rites and traditions.And thyme herb called "Bogorodskaya grass", explain it to her delicate blossoms resemble the face of the Virgin.There is also a legend that it was the herb thyme bedding for the newborn Jesus.

Thyme was used for fumigation sanctuaries, it was considered a symbol of courage and victory.It is used for cooking and treatment, thyme was considered an excellent tool for flavoring wine.Wreaths of thyme and bracelets worn by women to preserve the beauty and youth.With the development of commercial maritime routes and to European countries it became known herb thyme.The healing properties of her from that time began to rapidly learn and write books about herbs and medical manual.This plant has kept the popularity to the present day, it is successfully used in medical and cosmetic practice.

Now, in many hot areas common herb thyme, useful properties and contraindications that should be read before use.The plant has high and long stems, studded with small leaves at the top of which is beautiful little flowers.Color thyme characteristic purple, pink and purple hues.To save all useful properties, thyme should be collected during flowering.It stems are organic acids, vitamins, tanning agents, and it contains a large amount of resin and bitterness.In folk and official medicine successfully to treat a variety of diseases used herb thyme.

Useful properties and contraindications of this herb quite large, they should be familiar with the application.On the basis of thyme create different ointments, creams, tinctures and decoctions.Has a therapeutic benefit and tea from this herb and essential oil of thyme is successfully used in cosmetics for the treatment of skin diseases.

One of the main properties of thyme is its anti-inflammatory effect.Also excellent anthelmintic action has thyme.Useful properties and contraindications thyme equally strong as the use of herbs in large quantities have a negative impact on the digestive organs.Especially can not eat thyme during pregnancy because it has properties that increase the tone of the uterus, which can lead to serious consequences.

Thyme considered an excellent soothing and hypnotic.It is used in lung diseases as an expectorant and bronchodilator.And the treatment of diseases of the joints, a variety of injuries and wounds he has no equal, healing bath with this plant have a beneficial effect on the entire body.Pillows of herbs thyme make strong and healthy sleep, as in the old days to treat headaches tied bandages thyme.The effective result of fungal diseases shows thyme.Useful properties and contraindications of this plant will certainly need to learn before you start treatment to avoid adverse effects.