Social benefits, which are provided to pregnant women

Social benefits are provided in our country according to the law "On State benefits citizens."To receive this benefit may be a certain category of people, also provides a special procedure for their payment.

According to this law, this year receive monthly benefits are entitled to the child's parents, grandparents, immediate guardian or other relative caring for a toddler.

The allowance for child care can be charged only one person, so the employer can pay it only to those who have been issued to certain documents.

There is a difference in where you will be able to receive social benefits.In order to be nominated, you have to apply directly at the place of residence, social welfare organization (in this case, if you do not use the benefits of unemployment).Once you apply for that you have added benefits, the decision on his appointment will be made within ten days.

If you are officially employed, then you should contact your employer to this issue.If you are engaged in at two or three jobs, con

sidered allowance shall be paid on the principal place of work.

order for you to have added social benefits, there are dates reserved by law: should definitely contact the relevant service before the child turns two years.

Also today there are some features of the preparation of these benefits.So, again, if you come to work, then immediately there will complete cessation of payments for child care.But if before the end of the allotted period, you decide to leave work, payment of benefits will resume again.

If a woman begins to work part-time, the allowance will be paid to her in full.It will also be charged, if the mother is a student and decide to continue their education.

In the place where you work, the benefit can be obtained, along with salary.

social payments, which are received by a single mother, a bit different from the others charges of this kind.In modern society, and the law of the concept of social status are somewhat different.Thus, according to Russian law, a single mother called a woman who gave birth to her child outside of marriage, or after three hundred days have passed since officially been issued divorce.

law provides for a certain number of benefits for single mothers.Very often, women have insufficient information about these payments.

To single mother could receive children's benefits, it is necessary to apply for and collect documents.This paper presents the child's birth certificate, a certificate from the housing, employment records, passports, checkbooks.All this seems to me the bodies of social protection, added income statement of the family.

Children of single mothers who go to kindergartens and schools, there are free feed.There are certain benefits payable under music lessons, sports clubs, art schools, clubs.

All these benefits are valid until the child turns eighteen.And if a single mother have a toddler with a disability, then it must provide four days off, which additionally paid.

The Labour Code so women also assumed a number of privileges.So, they have the opportunity to receive child allowance increased.Single mothers are insured and have some social guarantees in case the employment contract will be terminated.They were also granted additional leave of two weeks (without pay).