Competence - is the key to success

From the perspective of contemporary sociology of competence - a structure that is divided into four steps required for a full of personality in our world.This includes the ability to learn something new, do something based on knowledge, to act as a group.The last stage - to be able to operate independently or live on other people and circumstances, that is, alone.Each person should have a similar social skills, because they allow you to maintain a certain lifestyle, work and have fun.

As mentioned above, the competence can have a completely different scope and focus.A man who knows archeology can become an indispensable employee at the excavation of ancient artifacts or entire cities.However, he may know nothing about pedagogy, and despite the fact that he is a professional and knowledgeable archaeologist to convey their knowledge to others, he simply can not, because in matters of teaching it is absolutely incompetent.Therefore, we can say that competency - is a certain trait that can have borders and can not have them.

There is such a thing as "social competence of the individual," or its ability to be fully in society.The foundation of this competence vary greatly depending on the state in which he or she is living, from the people who surround him, and from his position in life.In general, five basic personality inherent competencies.The first of them - a political one.Optionally, to understand politics and to follow all the news.This is an opportunity to work in a group, to participate in collective decision-making, thinking about the good of others, not only about themselves.The second competence - this is rhetoric and competent written speech.The third is to maintain cultural equilibrium.This is reflected in the manifestation of tolerance, civility towards other people, their opinions and stories and so on.At number four is the competence in the knowledge of all new that prepares us to this world.Well, the last degree of social competence of the people - self-development, to which he must strive.

For each human competence and expertise have different meanings.Competence is most often seen in personal characteristics, in private life.Competence - a concept that is perceived in the context of the work, has a professional basis.But the most important is the comparison of these two concepts.In this case, anyone can express their talents and, given the nature and the skills acquired in the process of understanding the world.

Often professional competence or work intersects with the life experience, and if it is this or that person is competent, then solve any problem becomes simple and affordable.Anyone who knows how to learn and develop in the first place, competent in life, therefore, to know any science it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.So, it appears that the competence - is the life science, to know that you can to gain experience.