Hypocrite - is a hypocrite

word "hypocrite" - it came to us from the Turkish word remade «chadzy» (Haji).The title of "Khoja" honored the man who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina - the holy city for all Muslims.After returning from a long trip, the perfect motives of piety, the pilgrim had the right to wear a white turban - a sign that he approached the holy Kaaba stone.Because these people universally respected in the Islamic world, many would like to join the Hajji not in order to get to the Holy Land, but for the sake of honors that their compatriots will be showered upon his return.

In Russian, the word "bigot" was originally a negative value.So the Turks called the people who were detected excessive piety, too moralizatorstvovat taught how others live, but it is proving to be very far from the ideals professed religion.The guardians of morality and often appeared libertines and pedophiles who speak in the style of extreme rigor and Puritanism lived in luxury and frills.

But the Turks are not the first to discover that piety is a sham.In the Gospels there are many testimonies of those who "pretended to pray for a long time" to see the people, and those who "sees his neighbor in the eye speck, and in his eye of notices and logs."Such "Hypocrites," Jesus Christ is called "the Pharisees" and declared: "Woe to you!" Because they clean the outside, but inside are full of malice and wickedness.But "Pharisee" - the old meaning of the word hypocrite, and initially was not synonymous with hypocrisy.It was a class of very devout, who know the Torah and the Talmud, the rabbis, "the scribes."They taught in synagogues, as well as the Levites.

In English hypocrite - a bigot, a German - Scheinheiligkeit.As you can see, anything from the Turkish Hodja or evangelical Pharisee.However, in the German language can be traced reference to religious hypocrisy, false holiness.In Russia, for a long time in parallel with the "bigot" used the term "pustosvyatstvo", but later he became archaic, and we know why: the hypocrisy has gone beyond the plane of religion and moved to integrity, manners, in one word, in the sphere of secular ethics.

If we analyze literary works, where there are hypocritical characters ("Tartuffe" by Moliere, "Life" Maupassant, "Hanzhushka" Kuprin, "Thunderstorm" Ostrovsky and other works of the New Age, we see that a prude - it is quite a secular person claimingthe title of guardian of the purest Puritan mores and standard of morality.

Interestingly, the western and the American tradition of the word bigot is inextricably associated with racism and rejection of gay marriage. So in a "politically correct society" transformed the term "hypocrite": this is thea man who passionately to prove that he is not a racist and respects the rights of gays and lesbians, while he would rather kill his daughter than allow her to marry a black man or marry the girl. American society knows many rigorists thatstand up for that in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" black out censorship mention the word "nigger" and prohibit the play "The Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare, because there occurs politically incorrect word "Jew," and in fact belong to the blacks and Jews with contempt and rejection.