Do you know how old Moscow?

Questions were you ever wondered how many years Moscow?And the truth, and when our capital was founded, really had once been a time when Moscow did not exist?

turns out that yes ...

How old Moscow?The name of our capital
Scientists believe that the city emerged long before he appeared.However, from the point of view of history, there is nothing surprising, because settlements are often called names of geographical objects located in the area.

known that Moscow received its name in honor of the eponymous river.But who invented it, it originally meant, finally find out and failed.

Today, the three main versions: the Finno-Ugric, Slav and Balt.If

arm last two and delve into the etymology of the word, taking into account the ancient languages, just as soon as it can be concluded that the name of the present capital in tune enough words "swamp" or "marsh".

According to linguists, the root of the "Mosquito" once used as a basis for the words "tough", "sticky" and "squishy" and a derivative of the noun although it had several meanings, primarily meaning "liquid", "wet", "wet", "swamp".Such a place name, historians believe, could give any representatives of the tribe golyad or inhabiting these territories vyatichi.

In Finno-Ugric version, the word "Moscow" may well have come from some of the Volga-Finnish.There existed a similar word in the modern language can be translated as "river Bear" or "Cow river."

Of course, there are other versions, but they look less convincing.

How old Moscow?Why it was built in this place? Moscow ... how many years the great city?It may seem strange, but a definite answer to this question is unlikely to find.The fact that the exact age of the capital still remains unknown.

Some legends tell that it was founded in ancient times.For example, Moscow's chief archaeologist Alexander Veksler believes that it could be more than a thousand years, becausebecause this is evidence found during archaeological excavations coins and personal belongings of the locals.

Today the generally accepted history of what was originally the capital of the Russian Federation was established just above Yauza, in a place where two rivers - Moscow and Neglinnaya.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the first settlements in the territory has been noted in the second millennium BC.And this area has not been chosen by chance: it is very favorable for life in terms of hunting and fishing, and so it is here, and settled since ancient times as hunters and anglers.

How old city of Moscow, can roughly calculate, if you start from the chronicles.Some historians insist that the capital city was founded in the time of Prince Oleg, which means that in the 9th century.

However, if you believe the safety of material documents, the first mention of the city is found in the chronicles only in the 12th century, ie,when the period of Kievan Rus' was coming to an end, and all the state was on the verge of disintegration into small fiefdoms.

How old Moscow?The oldest buildings of the city
Once again enjoying walks on the beloved capital, I suddenly found myself thinking that I, for one, did not know what the building is considered to be the oldest in the city.

  • addressed to historians, I learned that the oldest can be safely regarded as the Savior Cathedral of the Andronikov Monastery.His five-year construction was completed back in 1425.Now the temple is the fortification Fortress, founded in 1357 and almost completely rebuilt after a fire in 1368, however, the usual for us kind of white stone building gets closer to the middle of the 15th century.
  • Faceted Chamber, located on the territory of the Kremlin, takes over the palm.Masters took four years, starting in 1487, to build a building, and to this day attracts huge crowds of tourists from all over the world.
  • And the third is English yard in charge.This important historical monument miraculously managed to save.The thing that is constantly moving from one hand to another, the building gradually changed beyond recognition.You could say that about the middle of the XX century all the chambers of the Old English Court, located in Varvarka, has completely lost its original appearance.In 1960 Zaryadye demolished.And so I would have forgotten about his existence, if not the restorer Pyotr Baranovsky.Late stratifications he was able to discover the majestic chambers, and he insisted on preserving the monument, although it was decided to build in this place car ramp.