"MAX" (insurance company): reviews.

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ZAO "MAX" (insurance company) was founded in 1992. The Company operates on all primary types of voluntary and compulsory insurance.The activities carried out in all regions of the Russian Federation in accordance with applicable law.IC "MAKS" (headquartered in Moscow) on its official website provides all the information you need.Details can be found every interested her services.List of offices in your town you can quickly navigate and understand where the "MAX" (insurance company).As listed by category, which facilitates searching.

company's mission

ZAO "MAX", the insurance company guarantees confidence in the sustainability of the business and health care to citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as ready to take on the financial, property and other risks.The strategic goal is to occupy the leading position in the insurance market of the Russian Federation.

company is ready to ensure:

  1. to customers - providing high-quality service, individual approach, taking into account the interests of any insurer.
  2. For partners - guarantees mutual cooperation.
  3. For employees - a real possibility to implement their goals in life, confidence in the future, the opportunity for professional growth.The company's activity is focused on the strengthening of the Russian economy, to growth of authority of Russia in the international arena.

Advantages of

As a leader in its industry, the organization provides a range of guarantees and a very good offer.

of indisputable advantages:

  • agency "Expert RA" has confirmed the highest business image of IC "MAKS", assigning it a rating of "A ++" that characterizes this company as one of the most reliable and stable.
  • IC "MAKS" has a very high degree of financial stability, considerable net worth, as well as reliable partners in the insurance industry.Thanks to these features, it strictly complies with all material obligations to policyholders, performing them in full.
  • Each visitor to the staff of the insurance company "MAKS" find an individual approach.For this range of insurance company offers constantly updated.All this is done in order to even better address the requirements and characteristics of each visitor.In addition, customers regularly offers special programs, a variety of events and attractive offers "MAX" (insurance company).Office locations are presented on the company website for the convenience of customers.
  • The insurance company "MAKS" employs only highly qualified employees.Proof of this is the fact that the names of its senior managers every year there are the TOP-lists of professionals in the financial industry of the Russian Federation.
  • In order to maximize the quality of customer service function SMS-alert system, monitoring system, as well as the Center for Quality Control IC "MAKS".Telephone provided for notification shall not be disclosed to third parties.
  • use of innovative technologies allows to fully automate the process of registration of insurance policies, as well as their support.In addition, in the UK "MAX" using a unified information system that allows its employees to regularly exchange relevant information about insurance contracts.The site has the ability to use online calculator (for example, CTP insurance)."MAX" - is a company that cares about its customers, constantly offering new services.
  • universal insurance company.Where each customer can choose the necessary insurance products - services relating to transport, tourism, business.Available profitable car insurance."MAX" provides services to both compulsory and voluntary insurance.
  • extensive regional coverage.In every region of Russia can find a branch or representative office "MAX" (insurance company), the reviews of which are always positive.
  • presence of a high level of social services.responsibility.Insurance organization is constantly helping orphanages and schools, provides financial assistance to Orthodox churches and communities, provides financial support to various associations, as well as some needy citizens.
  • company repeatedly became the winner of such awards as "Silver umbrella", "Financial Elite of Russia", "Golden Salamander" "Financial Olympus".
  • company "MAKS" - an active participant in the Russian insurance market.It not only participates in associations of insurers, but also acts as the founder of many of them.Among other things, "MAX" takes the initiative to develop legislation aimed at improving and improving the country's insurance industry.
  • Currently, clients of the insurance company "MAKS" are more than 30 million individuals and more than 100 thousand. Companies, operating in various sectors of the modern economy.

The list of services is really huge, and the conditions, of course, the most attractive.Services are provided in all missions "MAX".Insurance company (Krasnodar, Moscow and all other regions) is ready to provide guarantees to customers.

diseases and accidents

In order to ensure financial compensation for the employee of the company,
has received industrial injury or become a party to the accident, is insurance.It allows you to offset the costs of treatment (for disability) or burial (at death).This type of insurance is mandatory (for legal entities) and voluntary (for individuals) and can be implemented in the UK "MAX".Orenburg, Moscow or another city - the company will be glad to offer their services.

health insurance organizations and individuals

One type of social protection is a staff health insurance companies and individuals.It provides medical care at the expense of the accumulated funds (their own or public).Health insurance may be voluntary when premiums are paid under the insurance contract by an individual, or mandatory, which provides funding from public funds.

Ground vehicles (except w / d transport)

for damages caused to the property interests of the insurer and concerning activities related to land transport (excluding w / w) is an insurance contract for land vehicles.It allows you to compensate for the financial losses associated with the repair, restoration or loss of the vehicle.Depending on the degree of fault of the insured and the terms of the agreement may be made full or partial cost recovery.

train / railway

In those cases, when it comes to financial protection w / railway, as well as compensation for material damage caused by a gathering of cars, rubble and other exceptional occurrences, insurance is required for rail transport.He will fully or partially compensate for material damage, and will also be an additional guarantee of safety of rail transport.

Air Transport

order to the owner or lessee of the aircraft could receive financial compensation in case of loss, damage or destruction of the means of transport, he will need insurance for air vehicles.Depending on the wishes of the insurer in the insurance policy can be included as basic (destruction, loss of the ship) and additional (damage, rescue services) items.

Water craft

insurance policy for water transport (in other words, insurance) is designed to ship owner may receive compensation for damage caused by its transport in the event of its collapse, destruction, or other accidents.It should be noted that the water transport insurance policy only applies to the vessel itself, without insurance of cargo carried on it.

To ensure the safety of various cargoes

insurance policy to ensure the safety of various cargoes (in other words, CARGO) is designed for those who are in any way associated with the transport of cargo.Thus, if the transportation of cargo from one means of transport was an event, who inflicted material damage owner (damage, loss, destruction of the goods), it is entitled to receive compensation payable under the insurance contract.

insurance in the agricultural sector (crops, livestock, crops)

insurance in the agricultural sector, and agricultural insurance, relevant in cases where the owner or tenant of agricultural land want to protect themselves from the negative impact of various natural and climatic changes, can cause damage to crops orplantations.Thus, he is entitled to compensation (in case of frost, avalanches, hail, and other events that caused material damage) in "MAX".Insurance company (Krasnodar Does this or any other city) will support just in time.

protection of property of legal entities (except for transport and agriculture)

In the event that employers and other entities seeking to protect their assets (real estate, machinery and so on. N.) Of various injuries or receive financial compensation in the eventharm to the property of third parties, they must enter into a contract of insurance of property of legal entities (except for transport and agriculture).The object of this contract may be any property, except for the above property.

protection of property of individuals

To an individual could qualify for financial compensation for the damage that caused to its property by third parties or the incident event (flood, fire), it is necessary to conclude a contract of insurance of property of individuals.Its object can be any property that has monetary value, except for vehicles.


car owners insurance policy for car owners (liability insurance) refers to the types of compulsory insurance.This policy is required to have all the car owners that are clearly regulated by current legislation.The main purpose of the policy - compensation for material damage in the case of an insured event (often an accident).

protection of water transport

In those situations, when it comes to water transport, its owners (tenants, users), you must enter into a contract of insurance of civil liability of owners of water transport equipment.Thanks to this policy, passengers and cargo owners may be eligible for financial compensation for their loss or damage.This type of insurance is mandatory.

For legal entities using deliberately dangerous objects

insurance policy for legal persons using obviously dangerous objects needed for those businesses or organizations that use equipment or technology that could harm the environment or people living in the area of ​​operation of these facilities.These include mining, metallurgical industry facilities, the use of cranes, boilers, high pressure, and other hazardous facilities.

If not provided services or lack of goods

In cases where there is a risk that the goods or services necessary for the production or activity of the company, can be put into the wrong time or not in full, quite relevant is the insurancecases of harm to failure to service or lack of goods (liability).In accordance with the terms of contract, the policyholder will be able to repair the damage that was done to him a partner or supplier.

When applied to damage to third parties (civil liability)

All legal entities that are somehow harmed third parties are obliged to reimburse it in full.It is regulated by the legislation in force and is the main argument for a contract of liability insurance for damage to third parties.Thus, when the insured beneficiaries can receive partial or total compensation in accordance with the terms of the contract the insurance company and the insured.

If the obligations performed under the contract improperly or incompletely

insurance policy to protect against improper or incomplete fulfillment of obligations under the contract (liability) can be both voluntary and mandatory.For example, when it comes to real estate developers, who are responsible for the timely delivery of objects, there is a compulsory insurance.With regard to the situations where the beneficiary is the insured, then in this case it refers to voluntary insurance, which allows organizations to protect themselves from unnecessary losses.

Risk insurance business

Any entrepreneurial activity somehow linked to the risks - to a greater or lesser extent.To legal persons can obtain compensation, they should issue the contract of insurance risks of entrepreneurs.One of the most striking examples is the case of an insured event production downtime due to any natural phenomena.For example, when all the machines and equipment are switched off due to a power outage.And in this case will help the UK "MAX".Moscow, Krasnodar, other regions of Russia - everywhere offers experienced consultants.

risks of a financial nature

insurance risks of a financial nature allows entrepreneurs and owners of large corporations to protect themselves in the event of a sharp financial fluctuations.Among other things, it may be a risk of non-repayment of funds or loans.With this type of insurance, credit and banking organizations can protect themselves in cases where customers can not pay the amount of the debt, which means that the financial losses to the organization.Insurance "MAX" - a guarantee of reliability.

For sotrudnkov passenger

One of the types of compulsory insurance is the insurance policy for the employees of passenger traffic (civil liability) for causing any harm to the passengers.For example, if one of the passengers of public transport was harmed, he has the right to claim compensation from the carrier.Compulsory insurance contract is a kind of guarantee that the carrier complied with its obligations in relation to the victim and to pay him damages.

«MAX" (insurance company): reviews

As a rule, the longer a company in the market, the greater her clients.With regard to the "MAX" (insurance company), reviews of grateful clients who leave, she - not the exception.There are a huge number of positive comments and words of thanks from both individuals and legal entities in its address.A huge number of people know that "MAX" - insurance company reviews of that sound in various regions of Russia.All of them tell about what the organization is responsible for its obligations and always fulfills them.