Thieves law as a way of organizing life

In the life of every state, there are several levels of society.Russia - is no exception.One of these "unofficial" is layers thieves Community.This informal and illegal organization is a kind of state within a state.

Thieves concepts and laws passed in the Soviet Union from the pre-revolutionary Russia.However, over time, several times modified.

community lives in accordance with an unwritten set of rules that strictly regulate the life of the criminal world.Thieves concepts and laws in detail painted rights and obligations of the thieves, the image of their behavior.These rules vary with time.

According to the unwritten rule that had existed for many years, the whole world is divided into for thieves and their foreign.Thieves law applies only on its own, it is a kind of corporate law.Strangers can not obey the law.They generally need only to their score could survive on your own.

From the middle of the twentieth century the law of thieves gradually modified.It applies to all prisoners, but provides significant relief thieves community.

For example, the kingpin to the 80s was obliged to keep clearly antisocial lifestyle.Thief - is the leader of the criminals, the person holding the highest level of the hierarchy of thieves dedicated.He had to repeatedly stay in prison.He was forbidden to marry, work, communicate with any representatives of the law.

Today, these rules almost no effect.Until the 60s were thieves international community, united.After 80, it broke up into groups on a territorial basis, thieves have changed laws and concepts.

However, the criminal world today competes with the civilized business and in many ways even surpasses it.

Thieves law must comply with all members of the community.He did not just invented: it is formed from thieves mandates.This so-called new rules which may be adopted in disputes and new, not previously occurring situations.

Like any society, thieves organization has not only their laws but also their language (slang, Fenya).Its purpose is the same as in any language underclass elements: identify its transmit encrypted information is almost incomprehensible for the other form.

Thieves law obliges the members of the community to use it.However, possession is taken for granted.

Thieves law for a long time had some positive aspects.Thieves carefully monitor the "correctness" of its members.There are certain settings rigidly determined what can and can not do.The organization reigned law and order, which is subordinate to all its members.

Today the thieves' law can not provide a complete submission.The criminal groups there are people who do not recognize any (nor thieves, nor the state) laws (so-called rogues).There are often conflicts between the regional groups, and the thief in the law can be a person, she never sat in prison.

All together it shows the degradation of the community of thieves.