Why do birds migrate.

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If we talk about what the birds migrating, and what - no, you can devote an entire article, which did not want to do, because it seems to us that the process of migration of animals, as well as its different versions to describe the much more interesting thanlisting of migratory birds, which include swallows, cranes, storks, ducks and other feathered creatures.Their arrival marks the beginning of spring, which means that in a short time and summer!Earlier in honor of people having fun, to spend the holiday, because the new season - a fresh and rich harvest!

all know ... the Bible!

The Bible mentions the arrival time of birds, about which migratory birds.It is said about a huge invasion of locusts, which has been named as the eighth plagues.After locusts sploshnyakom for a few days (to be exact, then three) enveloped the land of Egypt.From nowhere she could not escape, neither in their homes nor in the mountains!All this indicates only one thing: the texts of the Bible - it is one of the first written documents that describe the migration of animals and birds!

What migratory birds rescued the Israelites, and where the fish are disappearing?

Hungry, exhausted, feeble Israelis died in the desert ... According to the Book of Numbers, saved them from starvation flocks of migratory quails, who came to the ground by strong winds.It is important that when the Old Testament speaks of migrations of animals, constantly emphasizes the regularity of this phenomenon, an important part of the lives of animals and birds.By the way, the seasonal phenomenon is manifested not only in the air and on land and in the seas, lakes and rivers.At that time, people could not understand where at certain times of year, the fish disappear, and why a few months later appear again.The eternal question of what it is, why and how it happens, some migratory birds, and what settled, not a little agitated mind and imagination of ancient people.They just had to eventually get all the clues!

versions, guesses, facts ...

great scientist and philosopher Aristotle in one of his books have tried to explain this behavior of animals and birds.Several thousand years, this version has been undeniable.In principle, his views contained as true facts, so personal conjectures and ideas that do not correspond to reality.He definitely shared all the animals and birds migrating at a certain time of the year and settled (those who are not going anywhere for the winter).For example, he explained exactly not only what migratory birds, and what will not fly, staying for the winter on the site, but also brought them examples that shows his care under the supervision of the behavior of living beings.For example, migrating pelicans, swallows, cranes.Thus Aristotle said that arriving from cold to warm the bird is much fatter than those that fly from the south to the north!Subsequently, his observations were confirmed in full.

there are other versions, opinions, guesses ... There were absolutely fantastic theories.For example, the birds migrate to winter on the moon ...!How, then, to be a little bird, because the way to the moon, to put it mildly, is not close.They explain it this way: small birds exploit large as a "public transport".In general, however, and migratory birds in the spring of returning to their homeland - it is an indisputable sign of the onset of warm days, the new harvest and, in general, a great summer mood!