Judicial reform Alexander 2

Judicial reform - one of the great reforms of Alexander II.The reforms carried out by him in a spirit of liberality, changed our country gave a lot of freedom, and brought to a new level.

Great Reforms Alexander II began with the abolition of the main braking force modernization - serfdom.This reform has been difficult, and decide it was not easy.The changes affected all segments of the population, which means that it was necessary to carefully consider all possible disputes.As you know, the indemnity payments farmers complicated process of obtaining personal freedom.However, this did not stop the emperor - it takes a number of important changes.Judicial reform will melt a new stage of development of the judiciary in Russia.It is because of this reform were the legal profession, the court jury.It is now of such phenomena we are talking as an integral sphere of legal life, and then they caused a lot of debate and questions.The concept of judicial reform involves the transition to the European system.This indicated that the court was to be classless, and all processes - open.

Thus, judicial reform was launched in 1864.All innovations were introduced gradually to avoid strong protests against the new system.

Judicial reforms of Alexander 2 have led to the creation of a strong judicial framework, contributed to the establishment of equality of all before the law, as well as the development of the legal system and the formation of new organs.This reform was a radical, which provoked unrest among the nobility.First of all, this was due to the introduction of non-estate court.As mentioned above, this reform is to put in one row and the peasant and nobleman.It is also widespread discontent with new transformations were caused by the introduction of trial by jury.Now, at the request of the accused, the case could be considered jury - independent people, delivering its verdict.This principle is often not justified their expectations: there were cases when the court jury acquitted a man whose only fault is obvious.For example, well-known in those years the story of Vera Zasulich, which acquitted.

Why then led a new judicial system in the country?As mentioned above, one of the consequences of the reforms became frequent acquittals objectively guilty people.Also, judicial reform announced trial publicity.This principle led to the fact that the hearings were used as a source of scandalous news and compromising material.These events were not uncommon, and then reformers have taken the decision to limit the openness of court hearings.

Thus, judicial reform carried out by the Emperor Alexander the Liberator, led to the creation in our country branched judiciary: there is advocacy, was established court jurors.The declaration of non-estate court, transparency and openness of the trial contributed to the humanization of the legal system.