Union Rescue - Background and History of Education

first secret organizations of the future Decembrists became Union rescue organized at the beginning of December 1816.The community was originally called differently - "Society of true and loyal sons of the fatherland."

What contributed to the creation of this secret organization?After the return of the Russian army of foreign campaigns, many Guard officers realized that one can live better, as they met with the European political system, with the lifestyle and the level of their lives.This was the impetus to realize the establishment of the Union of Salvation.Who was the founder?As noted above, the initiative made by the Guard officers, among whom was A.N.Muravev, Prince Trubetskoi and take Mouravievs.They are members of the Sacred and the farm Semyonov.In addition to these individuals, a secret organization of Union Rescue participated Pavel Pestel, Nikita Ants, Major and Colonel Lunin F.Glinka.First principle company employs about 30 people.Chelny organization set ourselves the following objectives:

  • establishment of constitutional order;
  • elimination of the autocracy;
  • abolition of serfdom.

However, their plans were not feasible, because they were not clearly defined actions and their character: one offered regicide, others - during the coronation of the new king to present their terms.Thus, a secret organization called the Union of Salvation was not yet ready for action.

Based on the first Society of the Decembrists two years later, in 1818, a new secret organization of Union of Welfare.This society was at times larger than the first, and employs about 200 people.Played a big role in Russian revolutionary history is the salvation of the Union and the Union of Welfare.The second secret organization Decembrists already had its own statutes and program.What criticized its members?First, the autocratic system of Russia;secondly, the arbitrariness of landlords, feudal oppression and bribery;Third, they criticized the authorities in the hard life of the people.Not surprisingly, to express their thoughts propaganda views they used the poems of the young Pushkin.

Union of Welfare did a great job.In 1820 there was some unrest among soldiers, obeying the royal power.The members of the Guards regiments - namely Semenovski, refused to obey, and without any authorization reached the predkazarmennuyu area.Such unrest broke out in the imperial army for the first time, therefore, the participants in this kind of insurrection as the rebels were punished severely.

However, the performance of soldiers made it clear to the emperor, that the discontent in the army is growing, which means that changes are needed.In the same year the organization decides to fight for the republican government in Russia.They have changed the program and tactics.These changes have resulted in the creation of the Northern and Southern societies.

Union of Salvation was the very first secret society Decembrists.It is a society marked the beginning of the revolutionary period of the nobility.That members of the Union of Salvation later became participants in the uprising at Senate Square in St. Petersburg.