Problems of the modern family or What awaits us tomorrow?

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Family - a social group based on marriage or kinship, whose members are united by living together and housekeeping, as well as the emotional bond and obligations with respect to each other.

Since the family is the smallest unit of society, there are reflected all the existing problems of different nature.Problems of the modern family is so multifaceted, and their roots are so deep that at times without the help of a specialist it is impossible to solve.

any child needs it, because no non-governmental organizations, children's homes and gardens are not able to replace it.

According to psychologists and researchers, modern society is in a state of crisis-resistant, so it applies to its smallest particles.Let's look at what the manifest problems of the modern family to be able to find some logical way out of the situation.

First of all, it should be noted that the number of people it is becoming less and less.For example, if before it was about a dozen children, then it was normal to give birth to three, but now more and more couples who stop at one child.And this state of affairs is not always formed because parents do not want to acquire a second child because of a whim.Very often, the cause becomes a financial situation, fear for the future of the child, as well as many health problems that can befall both men and women.Such problems of modern families involve degeneration of the nation, because the death rate exceeds the birth rate for a long time.

Another problematic situation is the increasing alienation between parents and children, because there is a gulf between them, based on the difference in education systems.Mom and Dad were raised on some moral values, and the children have seen other signs: a good marriage, look at the world simply do not think about other people's problems and so on.Of course, such social problems of the modern family can not be a basis: all incorporated in a modern society.No doubt the fact that the parent views are not always perfect, but the installation has always been on the good and positive.When the goal is maximum is reached at least average.If the frame of good and evil are blurred, there is a reservation, the children will feel it immediately and follow the path of least resistance.

Among the growing problems referred to the development of negative attitudes towards school teachers, disrespect to them.Of course, the quality of teaching staff is reduced, and the school is undergoing a crisis.With this, no one will argue.However, these social problems of the family are generated not only by objective factors, but also by the parents.Very often in the relationship with the teachers begin to dominate the commodity-money relations.Society is so mired in corruption networks that even at school try to apply it.In many ways, the parents are to blame for this.They begin to provoke teachers who already offended salary (as many believe).But the teacher, if he has something like it, may find a more favorable option in terms of payment.And representatives of the students' families should not provoke him.

Undoubtedly, the problems of modern families are almost at their peak.But this does not mean that this group of society need to give up.Many families are in fact rationally allocate meager budget, while not depriving children of either attention or love.It should give the desired setting in the life of your child so that he could distinguish the good from the bad, and follow the right path.When family relationships are positive, all the hardships submit themselves to the will of a strong and steadfast mind.