Comb for highlighting - what is it?

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Many girls prefer not to go to beauty salons and creating hairstyles at home.And that often makes a special comb for dyeing.But what is this accessory, how to use it?This you will learn in this article.

What is the comb for highlighting?

As a rule, do not use this accessory master of hairdressing.Comb highlighting more suitable for home distinctive coloring when you can not see a specialist.

accessory is a plastic comb on one end of which the teeth are wide, and the other end has a pointed shape.Thus, a woman can independently allocate the necessary strands with a sharp tip.A wide tines allow distributing brightening solution of strands.

Sometimes you can find models of combs whose teeth in place is hard bristles made of artificial cloth.However, experience shows that much of a difference between two different combs not.

Comb for highlighting - how to use?

To perform highlights at home you need:

  1. lightening Prepare a mixture by mixing the powder blue and oxigent.
  2. carefully combed hair, highlight the strands that will be painted.
  3. lightening Apply the mixture on the brush handle and use it to each strand.
  4. Leave the mixture on the hair of 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the desired hue) and rinse with warm water.
  5. sure to cause Balm for colored hair.

Cons staining comb

The biggest drawback is that self-coloring, that is very difficult to make it smooth and quality.But the comb does not guarantee that a lock will be fully lightened.It is possible that after shampooing you will notice that the painting to get a spot, and a shade you absolutely not suitable.Therefore, when using a comb for dyeing at home is very important help a relative or friend.

However, the most reasonable solution would be to hike in the beauty salon where professional of the business to make a quality painting, which then do not have to regret.A comb should be reserved for the application of domestic masks for recovery and nutrition of hair.For this task a hair accessory on the right to 100%.