Kids Christmas crafts

parents every day watching the development of their children: how they grow and learn something new.But without parental care for children it is sometimes very difficult.For example, teachers in schools or kindergarten teachers give the job to bring your Christmas crafts.Naturally, the child can not always cope alone.Here and you have to head to break the parents that would do this.

we all remember from childhood, as they loved to do various crafts with their parents.Let all of us have grown up, and rarely reflect on what would make for an interesting and intricate for the holiday.But the essence remains the same: children need to grow and create.After all, for this purpose, and there are a variety of crafts.Let's remember what children crafts for the New Year you and your child can do together.

At the mention of the feast of the New Year all at once remembered the Christmas tree.Green beauty has always been associated with us on this holiday.Why do not you make with your child a Christmas tree?Depending on what it wants your child to make a Christmas tree, you can choose the crafts from clay or paper.

From paper always make great Christmas crafts for children.One of the easiest options - this application.This hack is very light, so it can easily be able to make a baby.For this Christmas crafts you will need scissors, glue and double-sided colored paper.From the green paper cut several triangles.Each triangle has to be a little smaller than the previous.Divide the triangle in half horizontal line drawn by pencil.Pencil mark the cutting line on the bottom of the triangle.Cut the triangle of the planned lines.Using a pencil twirl stripes.Similarly follow the rest of the triangles.Now you can glue the Christmas tree on a piece of paper.Above you can decorate with a star cut from red paper.

from bilateral green paper also can make beautiful three-dimensional Christmas trees.Again, you will need scissors, glue and paper.From paper-cut three semicircle.Each semi-circle should be slightly smaller than the previous one.From prepared semicircles glue cones.Each cone is slightly incised at the base of a pair of scissors into thin strips.These stripes wind the pencil.Now you can collect the Christmas tree.For this purpose the top of the largest cone smeared with glue.On her wearing a cone smaller.Similarly, paste a third cone.Here and ready for children Christmas crafts.The kindergarten also include Christmas tree from plasticine.

For making Christmas trees out of plasticine clay you will need board for molding and cutting knife (often comes).To use a blank green clay of various shades.From clay make small thin cakes, which should then be folded on each other.Wrap the cake in half the resulting thick.Carefully cut the resulting cake knife into thin strips.On harvested stand of brown clay cleave received stripes.Your Christmas tree is ready.

Kids Christmas crafts with their hands are of varying complexity.Kids a little older, you can offer to make a charming snegovichka .For this children's Christmas crafts, you will need:

empty bottle from under the roll-on deodorants;


PVA glue;


two small buttons;

two peas of black pepper;

orange paper;

thin twigs of trees.

begins to make a snowman.Remove the cover deodorant.Apply glue to the bottle and wrap it with cotton from top to bottom.From tape adhered snowman scarf.Now you can make snowman's face.Pea black pepper paste in place of eyes.From branches do eyebrows and mouth.From orange cone made of paper, which will be the nose snowman.On the body are glued two buttons.Your snowman is ready.

If desired, you can also make a hat for a snowman.To do this you will need a lid on deodorant, metal lid for a spin, the glue "Moment", paper and ink.Glue the glue "Moment" cover from the vial to the metal.Allow the glue to dry.Hat paste paper and then painted in any color you choose.With the help of glue "Moment" glue hat on the snowman's head.

As you can see, children's crafts for the New Year are of varying complexity.There are plenty of ideas of what you can do with a child.It can be a flashlight or a garland of paper, elegant toy on the Christmas tree or walnut colored cardboard.There are a lot of ideas.You just have to choose and to fantasize.

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