Butterfly gonepteryx - first spring insect

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Once spring prigreet sun, you can see the fluttering butterflies over the grass.This is the most beautiful insects in the world, there is a huge variety of species.They are day and night, large and small, they differ on the life and mind power.First comes spring butterfly gonepteryx.She is one of the few able to move the winter.There

butterfly plain and pale, and there is such beauty that the eyes do not tear.His color they get due to the location, and various shades of tiny scales that cover their wings.Because of this, they become slippery, that helps the butterflies escape from enemies.And the last of these beauties a lot, not only birds like to eat them.

Therefore, some butterflies have a protective coloring, for example, to merge with the tree bark.Other protected, by contrast, bright color, colored spots, similar to the eye.These beauties are exposed even in danger of being caught by a man.

Russia Butterflies are very beautiful and varied: peacock, swallowtail, purpurnitsa, perlamutrovka, perelivnitsa Admiral - the name given to them in connection with the peculiarities of the structure and color of the wings.Some got their name from what they eat caterpillars: urticaria, cabbage, Green Hairstreak theclinae and plum.

Generally, butterflies, like all insects, are beneficial in that pollinate plants are food for birds and even help fight weeds.

But many lay their eggs on the crop plants, and the hatched caterpillars cause extensive damage to agriculture.These include cabbage butterfly.By itself, it does not bring any harm, because it feeds on nectar, but its larvae live on cabbage and capable of turning in a lace head skeleton.

One of the most common - Butterfly gonepteryx.It belongs to the family of whiteflies.However, males have a yellow-green color, and females - white with a greenish tint.They have a special shape of the wings, be sure of one orange spots on each.Due to the special structure, the insect almost merges with plants.

gonepteryx butterfly lays eggs one by one on the leaves or zhostera buckthorn.Their larvae can eat only these plants.Therefore, this butterfly is called GONEPTERYX RHAMNI.She herself eats nectar and pollen transfer, pollinating plants.Of course, it also requires water.Butterflies drink dew or suck the moisture out of the ground.To do this, they have a long proboscis.

Caterpillars them inconspicuous, green, they are well hidden from the enemy.After hatching from the pupa the butterfly gonepteryx all the rest of the summer eats nectar and stores power for the winter.In order to spend the winter, she is looking evergreen shrub, usually old ivy.During the summer hatch only one generation of these insects.

has long attracted people the beauty of butterflies.The ancient Greeks called them come alive with flowers.People have always collected collection pinning these beauties pins to album pages.But recently popular live butterflies.Organizes exhibitions in which people admired not only for their beauty but also for their flight.