Advantageous mortgage to build a house

dream of own country house can become a reality, even if not enough funds for the construction.It's enough to contact one of the banks, and this type of loan, like a mortgage to build a house, you are guaranteed to be issued.Also, this type of lending can be obtained through a broker.It all depends on what your credit history is, and how much time you are willing to receive it.

Pros and cons of the proposals

  1. make out a bank loan.

apply to the bank and apply for a loan, as well as prepare all the necessary documents, you have to wait long.

Thus for such a loan, like a mortgage on the building, you will need to provide a large number of documents, and therefore spend a lot of time.But there is one plus.It consists in the fact that the bank interest rate on the mortgage to build a house a little lower than that of a broker, and only because the broker, if you refer to it, doing all the work to obtain favorable loan for you.So many today prefer to make out and get a loan through a broker.In fact there are lots of reasons that we will announce later.

2.Oformlyaem loan through a broker.

begin with, that the word "broker" means a specialized company, whose main goal is to help the client in obtaining a bank loan.It makes life easier not only for those who does not work for some reason, directly to the bank to take such a document as a mortgage to build a house, but also to those who do not want to spend much time at all this paperwork.Therefore, to get a loan through a broker, you can count on the following services:

a) reliable mortgage broker will pick up for you the most suitable mortgage.For the bulk of the borrowers most fundamental question is always to choose the most profitable lending.That is, the broker focuses on your ability to repay the loan in monthly and rights in respect of the purchased home.

b) properly and quickly place an order.Realizing all the details of requirements for borrowers in any other bank, a mortgage broker will be able to show your candidacy with the best hand and place the entire package of necessary documents.The difference between the way it draws amateur, and how to conduct affairs specialist, very vast and can be quite substantial.

c) Prepare a loan agreement after the calculation of the loan amount and agreement with the client.According to statistics, the number of positive decisions on credit applications filed by prof.brokers, 30-40% more than at the request of the borrowers individuals.

g) significant savings in the credit transaction.

Mortgages in which the mortgage is issued for the construction of a country house - a rather difficult process, and the costs of the mortgage are not limited to monthly payments.Therefore, in any specific case, they are individual.The broker will make the necessary calculations and find probable "pitfalls" in the proposed agreement.After verification of the data is a mortgage agreement with the maximum benefit for the client.

d) To refinance the transaction (if the drop rate on the loan).Now Russia has a system of refinancing loans, and the service is actively used and developed all mortgage brokers.They assume full operation of transactions related to the refinancing.That is, if the interest rate falls, the company will make the allocation of the mortgage agreement.

e) Find the most loyal to the lender.This, who did not refuse to grant credit.Refusal to grant a loan natural or legal person - this is quite a common situation in the bank.And there are a lot of reasons.Here is their something and can quickly and easily eliminate a mortgage broker, who takes full responsibility.

All the pros appeal to mortgage brokers for "mortgage to build a house" there.Therefore.If you are interested in an offer, we will gladly help in this matter, please contact!