Systematization of legislation.

systematization of regulations is an activity which is aimed at improving and bringing the existing legal provisions in internally consistent, streamlined and unified system.In modern states making body taking different types of regulations: laws, regulations, and so on. N. In this regard, there is a constant and continuous movement of lawmaking.The dynamic development of social relations, the formation of new societal needs require a structured legal regulation.

Constant change in the system, improvement and development, changes in the existing provisions, the adoption of new and cancellation of obsolete provisions require consolidation and bring in some reasonable structure.

systematization of legislation, first of all, is necessary for its development.Carrying out processing and analysis of the existing legal provisions, grouping them according to a certain scheme, the formation of a unified internal structure - all the necessary conditions to ensure the effectiveness of law-making, liquidating contradictions and gaps in the existing legal order.

systematization of legislation contributes to an acceptable exercise of the right to provide an opportunity not only to quickly find, but also correctly interpret the necessary provisions.

to the indicated activities include accounting, incorporation, codification and consolidation.

Accounting involves the collection of companies, government agencies, institutions, businesses and other organizations operating regulations, processing and further arrangement in accordance with a specific scheme, storage, issuance of certificates at the request of the authorities concerned, individuals, institutions and others.These organizations are registered as legal to supply the data (including on a commercial basis) of individuals and other institutions, and to meet their own needs.

In accordance with the functions of the bodies and institutions, accounting systematization of legislation may include various legal provisions and documents.These include, in particular, should be classified as regulatory decrees of the government and the president, regulations, international treaties, clarification of the Supreme Court and others.

systematization of legislation by fixing the details of legal documents in special journals considered the most simple form of accounting.Fixing may be conducted in a systematic, objective, alphabetically-or chronological order.

The latter refers to the registration of all regulations in accordance with the date of their adoption.

alphabetically-fixing provides the account in accordance with the headings, arranged alphabetically.

optimum systematization is considered as a form of thematic and subject matter.In this case, all headings are divided according to the sectors, sub-sectors, institutions.

better system of accounting is a card account.In this case, the system generates different cards, which are arranged according to a certain structure.This form is used in the ordering of the central organs of the judicial, legislative and executive authorities, in a fairly large organizations and institutions that have sort of activity dealing with a wide range of laws.

cards on fixed or basic details of the document (title, type, date of publication, place of publication of the official, etc.), or the full text.The latter is considered more preferred.In accordance with the previously selected categories compiled heading filing.Search cards can be performed manually or in an automated fashion.