Chives useful and decorative

chives - a perennial plant that can be grown for food, and it is possible - for decoration infield.It contains vitamin C, carbohydrates, carotene, proteins, sugars, volatile.This is a valuable dietary product, used as antihelminthic and atherosclerotic agent.

popularly called chive (soon to be born) and chives (cut off the pen).In the flowering period the plant is very decorative, as it has beautiful blossoms red-purple color and dense foliage.Chives has thin leaves, feathers and small bulbs.It tastes much sweeter than other varieties of onions.

for planting this wonderful plant is desirable to select a site with fertile loose soil.It is undesirable to put him in the neighborhood of beans, peas, cabbage.Areas with sandy soil, does not retain moisture, it does not fit, it does not tolerate drought.Onion chives needs regular watering during the growing season.

Seeds can be sown before winter, the seedlings in February or May directly into the ground.Preferably sow fresh seeds, germination of old is

not guaranteed.Planting depth of 1.0-1.5 cm. The seeds are arranged in wells, each pieces 10-15.The distance between adjacent holes in a series of 25 cm between rows 30 cm. Shoots desirable to sit or to thin as onion is growing well, and in the crush growth deteriorates.

When grown from seed in the first year formed a small bush, all of the processes 3-4.The next year he will grow stronger shoots would be about 20. chives can be grown in one place for 4-5 years.In the future, it must be separated and put on another place.

The old curtains pen shallow, grows worse and quickly fade.The division is preferably carried out in the spring, at the beginning of regrowth of the leaves, or fall.If you divide the autumn, the feathers must be cut, leaving 6-7 cm. In each delenki desirable to leave about 10 processes, with bulbous thickening and roots.

The food is better to use young feathers, reached a length of 20 cm. When regrowth of feathers more than 25 cm, they become more rigid.In place of the cut after about 10 days of picking up new ones.Chives famous fast increase of green mass.Growing it in the beds in the spring and summer and in pots on the windowsill in the winter all year round there are fresh, healthy greens.

If onions are grown on the pen, then there is need to remove the inflorescence.In flowering plants feathers for food not fit too tight.To constantly have green onions for eating, should be regularly cut off part of the feathers.

If you need to get the seeds, the blossoms can be left on some plants.When the testes pobureyut (this is June and July), they need to cut, dosushit on paper, threshing and ventilate.

before frost feathers onion cut better.In this case, it will start in the spring to grow faster.

By growing this crop, we can not forget about weeding, hoeing, regular watering and fertilizing.

can be grown as an ornamental plant chives.Photography is well demonstrated its attractiveness for landscaping.It is especially beautiful during flowering.Perfectly combined with low plants such as daisies, primroses, pansies, and others. Interesting borders of chives, given that it can be cut.