Moscow volunteers enrich their knowledge

Moscow volunteers enrich their knowledge.

idea of ​​creating a social project "Card Index of good deeds" belongs to the Department of Family and Youth Policy of Moscow.The program consists of several interrelated activities, is in the process of implementation, its main purpose - information support of the volunteer movement in Moscow.

times when a volunteer is a person who voluntarily entered military service are long gone.Today volunteer - is an individual who has expressed a desire to help people, without asking for any material benefits.Work with pensioners and children, landscaping and gardening, prospecting ... Front of modern volunteer work is vast.Needless to mention that in Russian conditions the activities of volunteers is of particular importance - both for the volunteers and for those they help.

Department of Family and Youth Policy of Moscow decided to take on the important task - to develop and implement a range of activities - "Card Index of good deeds", aimed at consolidating the representatives of the Moscow volunteering.

Open Project Volunteer Council, which had a chance to take part representatives of the city volunteer organizations, experienced psychologists, representatives of the authorities, as well as those who just want to be a part of the volunteer movement.

Lectures "Lessons of Kindness" helps novice volunteers to fill gaps in knowledge relating to volunteering.However, classes are not limited to theory - experienced teachers give volunteers a lot of practical advice.

already have experience, young volunteers comprehend the wisdom of one's own project, skillful interaction with authorities, communicating effectively in a team.

During the study there is a mutual exchange of information between the parties: the guys are involved in sociological surveys in various areas of volunteering: assistance to orphans, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, environmental and sports volunteering.

part in the "Marathon volunteers" will help them consolidate their skills and knowledge.The event will be carried out the work with the elderly, realized the task of beautification of the city, the trip will take place in the children's homes.The campaign should coincide with the celebration of the World Day of volunteers who annually held December 5th.Participants of the "Marathon volunteers" will be able to take part in the competition to create a better logo for the action.

event will finish another contest - "Card Index of good deeds."The evaluation of qualified professionals will get projects implemented by voluntary organizations for the past five years.

project "Card Index of good deeds" is implemented with the support of the call-center specifically created to advise the participants in the program.