What are the most reliable cars?

Every car owner wants to make it as little as possible to break and did not bring in the most critical situations.For this reason, many people prefer a more eminent and serious brands that produce the most reliable cars.

difficult to say how reliable operation of the machine, which was started recently.It goes without saying that they need to check a certain amount of time.It will need to ensure that the owners understood the behavior of the car in all weather conditions, as costly to his service, and so on.

At the moment, according to experts of the insurance companies and research centers directly from the manufacturers themselves, are the most high-quality German-made machines.The most reliable cars - a Mercedes, Ford and BMW.These data were obtained as a result of the latest assessment of the market machines that were published February 20, 2013.

famous German Technical Inspection Service Dekra checked more than 15 million advanced machines.The title of the most reliable cars of all classes went Audi A4.There were also conducted research among a small class.The first place was the Audi A1 model.Company Ford showed the best results among the compact-class models Ford C-Max and Ford Focus.The most reliable middle class cars and crossovers - is the third series BMW and BMW X1.Among the business class the Commission opted for the Mercedes E-Class.

Prior studies of the German Technical Inspection Service, this work takes the company Warranty Direct.Their staff have analyzed the number of calls to repair car service and repair centers during the first years of operation.The best results showed Asian manufacturers.The first took place ranking with a small difference Mazda and Honda.Statistics show that no more than 9% of the owners to make repairs.The top five also includes Tayota, Mitsubishi and Kia with indicators of 15.78%, 17.04%, 17.39% respectively.According to their research, one of the most unreliable car found Seat, Renault and Alfa Romeo.

There is another way to assess the quality of machines.In order to determine the most reliable cars in the world, estimate the number of failures at the new, just coming down the assembly line models.The best figure in this ranking demonstrates Lexus.On vehicles of different brands of failure found in 71 cars for every 100 sold.At first glance this seems a huge number.However, if we compare this figure with the manufacturer unreliable, then everything falls into place.The last place was taken by the company Land Rover with the figure of 220 faults per 100 cars.Once again among the manufacturers that produce the most reliable cars, it was the company Tayota.This is not surprising.In the list of "the most reliable cars in the world," she finished fourth after a well-known manufacturers such as Porsche and Lincoln.