Tillers "Favorite": specifications, reviews

The cultivation area is important to have effective tools at hand, and that will allow to perform seasonal work and ensure that current economic events.Motoblock among the basic hardware designed to work the land.Performance and reliability tillers "Favorite" from the Russian manufacturer ZiD also differ versatility, allowing you to not only serve the lands, and to carry out related work at the site.

Specifications motoblock

For a start it is worth noting the diversity of motor range.The plant gets engines from several foreign manufacturers, which give high performance walk-behind "Favorite".Characteristics of power plants and due to their different origins (Briggs & amp; Stratton, Honda and Subaru), but mostly single-cylinder units with capacity of 5-7 liters.with.

Other characteristics models:

  • Strength: belt.
  • presence of structural features to integrate equipment attachments.
  • Tank capacity ranges from 2 to 3.8 liters.
  • Capacity: 160-211 cm3.
  • Fuel used: A-92.

also tillers "Favorite", depending on the specific modifications differ in dimensions and technical features.In these settings should look for when evaluating an area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that is supposed to process.


Thanks to the acquisition of additional tillers "Favorite" allow you to perform the entire cycle of seasonal harvesting activities.In particular, the unit can provide a truck for transportation of goods, plow the land for immediate processing, the adapter coupling, Hillers, and other devices.Also, in order to enhance the potential of technology it is recommended to use the frame through which the user can set two hiller.

Modern garden hardware kits allow not only to diversify the range of tasks, but also to optimize the process.For example, walk-behind "Favorite", which includes attachments kartofelevykapyvatel and elongated lugs, in the shortest time and with high quality to cope with the work in the garden a large area.

Appointment motoblock

Usually, garden tractors and tillers are not different with the versatility of the operating activities.Again, it all depends on additional equipment - optimal equipment virtually erases all boundaries in the service area.In turn, the tillers "Favorite", provided with appropriate equipment perform tillage (harrowing, ridging and plowing), mowing grass, provide a supply of well water, clean snow and transported cargo tons. D.

Maintenance and service

Basicallymaintaining an optimal state of the art relates to the care of the external surfaces.Each time after the cultivation or other measures recommended to clean the body and functional elements of the unit.Especially walk-behind "Favorite" is sensitive to the sand, so you should ensure the complete removal of its particles.Also checked and reliability of threaded fasteners.

Prevention should be carried out and before starting work.In particular, pay attention to the V-belt drive belt, adjust the transmission (V-belt) and check the pressure in the pulleys.At predetermined time intervals (on average 30 h) should be replaced by oil.In this regard, it is important to remember that the motor and gear motor cultivator "Favorite" is filled with various types of oil.In the first case it is possible to use the MS-20, and the second - labeled compounds 10W-30.

Possible failures and repair

During operation motoblock following symptoms may occur:

  • not start the engine.
  • There erratically powertrain.
  • inactivity cutter (provided the motor running).
  • Equipment vibrates.

The first problem can be solved by changing the oil, clean or replace the spark plugs, setting the throttle lever to the maximum position.There may be compatibility problems or application of the old gasoline, so you should make sure of its quality.

often occurs unevenness of the engine, which is equipped with a walk-behind "Favorite".Comments about this problem say blockages in the carburetor, fuel tank opening, air filters, and so on. D. Therefore, you need to clear all of the components and check the contacts in the wiring and spark plugs.

If the engine is running at the operating elements are not actuated, the more likely you can fix the problem by changing or setting tougher belt.Finally, a strong vibration motor cultivator suggest weakness fasteners - all screw connections must be tightened reliable.Reviews


Referring to the opinion of those who regularly uses the walk-behind "Favorite" on the sites, including the advantages will be marked with functionality and performance.These are properties that a priori has a domestic garden machinery.Among the features motoblochnoy ZiD products can be noted the ease of assembly, which is reflected in the reliability of the device and improving maintainability.It is a kind of designer provides plenty of opportunities for the implementation of agricultural activities.What is very important - the manufacturer has taken into account the dignity and Western models, providing quality machinery engines.

It also places a weak domestic cultivators traditionally refers ergonomics and the possibility of additional equipment - but these stereotypes refuted walk-behind "Favorite".Reviews owners emphasize convenient and thoughtful design, which has minimal impact on the user.However, it is noted the ease with technical complement of attachments, however, as its diversity.Plows, connectors, shovels, mowers, trucks with brushes and other optsional made available to owners of motor-blocks "Favorite", which can not but rejoice.