How to grow a good crop of tomatoes in a greenhouse in the open field?

Every spring, avid gardeners overcomes a lot of hassle.How to grow a good crop of tomatoes, cucumbers and other greens?How to protect against pests?What you need to know in order to please certain fruits of their own labors family?

Today let's talk about all your favorite tomatoes.How to grow a good crop of tomatoes that it needs to know what in this case, there are subtleties?

Cooking seeds

Pawn a good harvest - quality seeds.Unfortunately, they may look outwardly healthy, but the result of poor crop germination upset or seedling diseases.Why it happens?There are several reasons: the seeds are too old, infected by a virus, bacteria or fungus, improperly prepared before planting.How to grow a good crop of tomatoes with such?Practically nothing.

Buy seeds from major manufacturers.Before selling the ones they are usually treated with special anti-fungal agents, as indicated on the package.Of course, these seeds are more expensive, but if you do not want to spend too much, you can be disinfected before planting their own.

Doubt about the shelf life?In order not to wonder whether the sprout for 2-3 weeks arrange "source material" pre-qualified.Several seeds put in a canvas bag in warm water for a period of about a day.Then put in the same tissue in wet heat for 3 or 4 days.Then will land seeds in prepared soil and watch the shoot.

Seed treatment

How to grow a good crop of tomatoes, if the original material you are not completely satisfied?Before processing the seeds carefully inspect them, remove the hollow is too small or large.Disinfect seed can be a solution of potassium permanganate (1%).How to cook it?Very simple: throw grams of manganese per liter of water.Wrap the seeds in a piece of gauze and place twenty minutes in the resulting solution (do not overdo), then rinse and drain.

Before sowing the seeds can be further processed in trace elements, a mixture which is purchased in the store, fit and regular ash (ash wood teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water, insist night).Seeds are kept in the solution for about five hours.

To speed up germination, you can soak them before planting.Seeds swell for about 18 hours.To do this, the best option - to put them in a damp cloth or foam, on top put a damp cloth.If necessary, moisten it again.

Grow seedlings

How to grow a good crop of tomatoes is easiest?There are two ways.After swelling or seeds are planted directly into the soil, or germinated.In the latter case, the shoots will appear faster.You can buy seedlings already finished, but quite easy to grow it on their own.

cultivation should begin in a timely manner - taking into account the variety of tomato and the climate in your area.From that to a large extent on the future harvest.The farther south you live, the sooner you can begin the procedure for landing.

first sow tomato seeds in special containers or boxes, and then dive - seated on individual pots.This prevents excessive stretching of germs and improves their root system.

Features care

best to take plastic containers - they are easy to wash and disinfect transport.

Want to know how to grow a good crop of tomatoes?Get ready for the scrupulous observance of certain rules of care.

Different varieties should be planted in a separate container.Each of them must have opaque walls, drainage hole and leakproof sump.The soil should be loose and fertile to take, you can buy already prepared mixture in the store.The substrate is spread in containers, lightly crush and liberally moistened.

Planting and can be dry and germinated seeds.They should be spread out over the ground (you can draw a pre-groove) rows of two centimeters.Between the "stripes" seeds away better withstand three to four centimeters.For convenience, you can take a pair of tweezers.

Top finely sprinkle seeds substrate, compressed or pencil lightly pressed into the ground and covered with earth.Ground spraying moisturize.

Other subtleties

Boxes placed in a warm (not below 22 ° C), the names of varieties better mark on the label.Avoid hot batteries - overheat and dry ground, and the seeds will die.You can cover crop of polyethylene films - to create a mini-parnichok.Then, the moisture will evaporate.But seedlings need from time to time to ventilate.

To seedlings did not grow crooked, drawer regularly Werth relatively light.Prior to seed germination the soil should be warm - not less than 25 ° C.Shoots wait for a week or a day before.If the room is cold, the deadline is extended.

appeared shoots - swap box in a cool, well-lighted place.Hang in there for about a week.Then returns to the heat until the first pair of leaves.

Before picking tomato seedlings watered almost to not outgrown.Soil cherish from drying, moisturizing sprayer.

swooping seedlings

Do mandatory swordplay?Previously, these doubts did not arise.But now, many gardeners do without her.The main thing - to decide on this issue in advance: this depends on the technology and planting and care.Yet consider picking process: how and when to do it.

seedlings dive, when they acquire the first pair of leaves.Fill with soil suitable containers (eg, paper or plastic cups).Beforehand, a couple of days, pour seedlings.Remove sprouts from the earth pikirovalnym peg (you can take a toothpick).At the same time gently hold each plant for the land near the root.You can prischipnut this same root in the third, but not necessarily.

Secrets picks

each seedling planted in their own capacity, straighten and flatten with a toothpick to the ground roots and pour well, abundantly pour and send it in a cool damp place.Once again on the window sill will return when each seedling to take root.If necessary, you can repeat the pick - the growth of change cups more voluminous.

seedlings in cultivation is usually fed 2 or 3 times the finished formula or home-made fertilizer.Shortly before Bedding plants to start to harden - to open the window or make it every day for a couple of hours on the balcony.On warm days you can leave on the balcony all day, at night sheltering film.By the way, some enthusiasts manage without a garden plot to achieve good results.How to grow a good crop of tomatoes on the balcony, and is it possible at all?Answer: this is realistic, it would wish.There are many methods on how to grow a good crop of tomatoes in the loggia or balcony.But in this article we consider the "garden" option, so let's return to our seedlings.

planted in the ground

To this transition, when the plants acquire developed leaves in an amount of 8-11 pieces and a pair of mature inflorescences.At the time of landing seedling growth should be approximately 30 cm (plus or minus 5 cm).

Many gardeners know how to grow a good crop of tomatoes without a greenhouse, and perfectly without cost.But we still consider the "greenhouse" option.It is the easiest to build a greenhouse for the safe and effective cultivation of tomatoes under the force of almost everyone.

So, if you plan to plant first plants in the greenhouse, it is necessary to prepare in advance: to hide the film, equip and organize the ground vents.A suitable time for this - the end of April or beginning of May.During these months the air is still cool at night, so your obtyanite greenhouse pair of film layers with an interval of two centimeters.One layer is then removed.

How to grow a good crop of tomatoes in the greenhouse polycarbonate

undesirable to grow tomatoes with cucumbers - they require different care.If only one greenhouse, it is divided in half film.Tomatoes need a good airing, so that the required window and on the sides and top.Furthermore, they like the light, and thus avoid any shadowing.

If the soil is clayey in the greenhouse, it added peat, humus or sawdust (a bucket per square meter).By ground of peat pour sand, sawdust or soil from the turf.You can further feed the soil with fertilizers.

finished in greenhouse mark out the beds and planted seedlings.Schemes for that there are many, it all depends on the height of the plants and their varieties.It should take into account the size of the greenhouse, the availability of support for the garter, lighting and the possibility of irrigation.

What's next?

How to grow a good crop of tomatoes in the greenhouse, which is required to comply with the conditions in the first place?Tomatoes are very demanding on the light and do not like too wet environment.When watering their moderation, often ventilate your greenhouse, or ovaries, and flowers fall off.

Shortly after landing (ten days - twelve) tomatoes tied up to stakes set near or tensioned wire.It is best to take this plastic twine.Accepted form of tomatoes from one stem, remove excess stepchildren.In the greenhouse tomatoes pollinate, slightly shaking their hands and spend a few basal fertilizing.

How to grow a good crop of tomatoes in open ground

the time of the landing of the air to warm to a temperature of at least 12 ° C, and plants - reach a height of 20 cm and "grow" about eight full leaves.Exception - When the seedlings grew.

Choose a sunny place for planting windbreak (south side).Low raw areas with close groundwater unsuitable.Slightly acid soil requires a neutral, a good option - loam with fertilizers.

The landing is better to start on a cloudy day.If sunny - wait until the evening, night and get stronger plants adapted to the heat of the day.Driving landing selected on the basis of height and varieties of tomatoes and existing irrigation systems.Plant the seedlings should be so that the plants do not interfere with each other.Each fetus should receive the maximum sunlight and air.

How exactly

plant before placing the seedlings into the soil generously watered to make it easier to remove it from the pot and not to damage the roots.Wells satisfied "bayonet" in depth.Just before planting them filled with water until it is absorbed.

carefully into the prepared hole bury seedlings: vertically, along with a clod of earth.Root sprinkled with soil and add a little compost.Top - again the ground that ram and watered.

It is best to dig immediately pegs 50-80 cm in height next to each seedling - for the future of the Garter.You can pull the wire to a height of about one meter.Twine for garters better to take the synthetic, in order to avoid rotting.

Further care

Immediately after planting a flower bed covered with plastic wrap.When the tomatoes take root, it is removed (if the warm weather).Water the seedlings are not recommended, as long as it does not take root.Usually it is eight days - ten.

tomatoes watered at the roots and the leaves should be protected from water, otherwise the plants get sick.It is undesirable to use the method of sprinkling, t. To. It cools the soil and leads to delay ripening.Best Watches for irrigation - afternoon.

Since the beginning of fruit growth the need for watering tomatoes have sharply increased, it should be done regularly and often.Vertical soil moisture is undesirable."Having watered" every bush, do not forget to loosen the soil around it and destroy weeds.Allow the seal land is undesirable.

shaping and spud

question spud tomatoes or not, many gardeners are interested in.Disputes over how to grow a good crop of tomatoes in the country, will never cease.Some gardeners consider this procedure superfluous.But ridging has several advantages.It oxygenates the soil, strengthens the root system of plants, improving their nutrition.

To improve and accelerate the ripening of tomatoes is formed - stepson and pinch.After that, the bush is only a few brushes fruit (usually 5-6).Stepchildren (so-called lateral shoots) is removed from the stem, prischipyvaya above the uppermost of the brushes.You can form a bush in one, two or three of the stem, remove the lower shoots.

That's all the major secrets of how to grow a good crop of tomatoes "on the street."

Avoiding diseases

disease is more susceptible plants grown in greenhouses.This occurs due to high humidity, temperature and condensate on the film.In order to prevent the greenhouse should be exempt from regular garbage and disinfected, decontaminated before sowing the seeds, seedlings culling diseased, watch out for possible pest and time to ventilate the greenhouse.

When growing tomatoes in the garden should provide a good fertilizer, to comply with the terms of disembarkation of different varieties, mulching the soil.After harvest, the greenhouse should be disinfected with a special solution.

If the tomatoes still sick late blight, they are treated with copper oxychloride (solution).In the most severe cases, the need to use pesticides.