Peace of Tilsit

At the beginning of IXX century in Europe, the events took place, which resulted in 1807 between Napoleon Bonaparte and the Russian Emperor Alexander I was signed the Peace of Tilsit, affect the whole future course of history.

Proclaiming himself in 1804, the French emperor, Napoleon bears the idea of ​​the conquest of Europe.In contrast to his plans between Austria, Great Britain, Russia, the kingdom of Naples, Portugal and Sweden to establish a third anti-French coalition.Austerlitz coalition forces were defeated, and Austria concluded a treaty of alliance Bonaparte.Russia also in the fourth coalition, which included Britain and Prussia, continued military operations against Napoleon's troops.The Battle of Friedland winter 1807 the Russian army was defeated by the French and was forced to retreat.Napoleon had achieved his goal and was able to impose on the Emperor Alexander shameful and unprofitable throughout the Peace of Tilsit.

Signing the agreement

meeting of the two emperors took place in the town of Tilsit.Now a city of Sovetsk in the Kaliningrad region.June 25, 1807 on the Neman River to meet the Emperors built a raft, on which there was a meeting face to face, which had very serious, but, unfortunately, negative consequences for the Russian Empire.This was followed by several meetings between the heads of states, and even Alexander attended the show of French troops.July 7, 1807 was signed the Treaty of Tilsit.From that moment began redrawing the map of Europe, which, by and large, was the beginning of the end of the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Terms of the contract (concession)

Peace of Tilsit put the Russian Empire in a very disadvantageous position.Under this agreement, the Emperor Alexander I was forced to go to the following concessions:

  • join the blockade of its ally - the United Kingdom;
  • recognize Napoleon all his conquests;
  • help France in the war;
  • withdraw its troops from Moldova;
  • recognize the relatives of Napoleon king (Neapolitan, Dutch and Westphalian);
  • recognize education dependent on the French Duchy of Warsaw.

Peace of Tilsit in 1807 completely isolated Britain, which was in the continental blockade, and Napoleon has left rivals for their ambitious plans.

Terms of the contract (payment)

should be noted that, by signing the Treaty of Tilsit in 1807, Tsar Alexander I and has made few concessions from Bonaparte.Russia in compensation went to Bialystok Department.Danzig at this time becomes a free city, and a relative of the Emperor Alexander, the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III, gets back the old Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania.

Peace of Tilsit, the consequences

progressive strata of Russian society accepted the terms of the peace treaty as a slap in the face, and Napoleon only as a usurper, did not call.It took another five years to Russian could honestly and openly look into each other's eyes.Only the Patriotic War of 1812 was able to provide this opportunity.

Peace of Tilsit, the consequences of which the Russian economy will be felt, in fact, was disastrous.At the beginning of the XIX century Russian empire supplied grain, hemp, wood and more to the European market.Due to the blockade of the United Kingdom, whose share accounted for the lion's share of Russian exports, the economy of the Russian Empire suffered great losses.Seriously affected merchants and landowners.Continental Blockade of England caused a decline in Russian trade almost doubled, and its coffers significantly "thinner".Most of all, from the peace treaty of Tilsit, Prussia suffered.She lost half their land and paid reparations of France until the end of the XIX century.