What is the age of the Earth?

minds of many scientists and ordinary people have long stirred the question: "What is the age of the Earth?"At the moment, the most popular way of determining the age of fossils is radiocarbon dating.But even the most robust method has significant errors.Recently, scientists realized that the rate of radioactive decay is influenced by many factors, so take it as a constant is impossible.Also, there are many other theories that are allowed, but you must evaluate them only in conjunction with other facts relevant to the theory of creation and evolution.

strength of the magnetic field

Observations have shown that over the past 1,400 years, the intensity of the magnetic field of our planet fell twice.Based on these data, you can make a simple calculation that shows that the Earth is no more than 10 thousand. Years.

¬ępierce" the layers of the earth.Coal, peat and oil

often earthen sections can stumble on a vertically arranged tree trunks, as well as other resources, "penetrating" multiple layers of the earth.This fact suggests that there was a flood and drowned rootstock trees down.

It is worth noting that most of the existing mineral resources are the product of the flood.So coal, oil and peat is evidence of a major disaster.And then, and another - it is organic, which turned out to be in one place and compressed under heat and pressure.It is hard to imagine how it was produced for many years.Rather, it could be a great flood that caused the trees, grass and other living organisms accumulate at some point, where they were showered with heavy rocks, and presses a large body of water.

Soil erosion

Scientists believe that if the age of the Earth millions, the Earth's surface had been equal to the level of the sea, as the Earth under the influence of rainfall gradually washed into the ocean, creating the phenomenon of the landslide.Then why in the oceans is only 3.6% of salt, because for millions of years, all the rain had washed into the ponds?

first American astronauts spaceship seriously feared that may get lost in the meteoric dust, as according to the generally accepted theory of the evolution of the Moon was formed two or three billion years ago, along with the Earth.This assumption led to a quite logical assumption that the satellite earth has accumulated a huge amount of cosmic dust.But arriving astronauts discovered a very small layer of dust.Calculations showed that the age of the moon can not exceed the mark of 10 thousand. Years.

low content of helium

proved that in the process of decay of uranium produced helium nucleus and lead.The amount of helium emitted into the atmosphere - 300 thous. Tons per year.To date, it is proved that the atmosphere is saturated with a little over 3 billion. Tonnes helium, which indicates that the earth is unlikely to exceed 10 thousand bar. S.

Dinosaurs - good witnesses

Bones many dinosaur fossils have not yet turned to stone.Due to the extreme thickness of them, most likely, did not have a few thousand years to complete mineralization.Sometimes there are bones with the remains of soft tissue and even red blood cells.There is also a huge number of images of various kinds of dinosaurs carved on the cobbles and rocks, which suggests the existence of people at a time.Why scientists do not depart from his theory that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, and continue to argue that the Earth has more than one billion years?

As evidence may also remember a lot of stories and legends involving dragons.Most likely that as these dragons were gradually endangered species of dinosaurs.

Of course, there are many different evidence that the age of the planet Earth can not be billions of years old.Furthermore, most of the scientifically proven fact roughly comparable to the writings presented in the Bible.But for now, the researchers of this question has not yet been able to give more or less specific answer to this question, since no modern equipment or various theories do not provide such an opportunity.