Extrovert - a ...

By definition, extroversion is the ability of conversion of energy and interest in mind things, people, events, present in the external world.

Often in life there are people to easily explore winding, had no difficulty in communicating with different people.Simply put, an extrovert - a person prone more interested in events taking place next to him, rather than inside it.

According to some scholars, this condition is associated with variability in cortical arousal.So, it introverts (cortical excitation) is located at a level higher, and therefore, varies less.It explains that an extrovert - a person, which often requires external stimulation.

One study revealed that at the introvert more intense blood flow in the anterior thalamus and the frontal lobes.These zones are involved, such as resolution and scheduling tasks.Extrovert - a man with a more intense circulation in the temporal lobes, the thalamus and the posterior cingulate gyrus (front).These areas in the brain responsible for emotional and sensory experiences.

extrovert - someone who constantly needs a lot of friends.This person should be in the center of communication, attention.

extroversion, of course, has different forms.For example, some being developed at once, and some "become his" turns fast enough.

As a rule, such people believe in themselves, they rarely want to be alone.Through innate communication skills, so people are very easy to find a job.At the same time, many extroverts should learn to restrain myself, struggling with a tendency to say first that came to mind.This tendency often offends their interlocutors.

Extraversion manifests itself in an effort to wear a beautiful, bright, decorate the workplace and home decor items, listen to energetic, cheerful music.

According to the results of individual studies, was found the relationship between happiness and extroverts.These people usually introverts call themselves happy.However, this does not mean that the latter are unhappy.The thing is that extroverts can talk, express their emotions better than introverts, who tend to have a neutral emotion, and not very well able to convey them in words.

introvert Self-esteem is somewhat lower.This may be due to the fact that modern Western society welcomed more than extroverts.This extroversion has its drawbacks.In particular, according to scientists, the probability of antisocial (delinquent) behavior in gregarious teen several times higher than introverts.

Logical-sensory extravert differs certainty host demeanor.This type of character was inherent in the known Stirlitz.Women belonging to this type, beautiful and stately.

Such people generally take care of themselves well, maintaining the health of the body and its visual appeal.

Intuitive-ethical extravert is the person enterprising and enthusiastic.It attracts new.Especially tempting for him interesting initiatives in which it is possible to demonstrate the ability (and their own, and others).Very much like the situation to him, the outcome of which is hard to imagine.

characteristic of such people is the enthusiasm and fervor in the beginning of activities.However, the failure to bring the matter before the end of such people is very difficult.Often they are taken for the following initiative, without finishing the previous one.They often like to watch their ideas come others.In this regard, this extrovert need sensible performers.