How to make flowers out of polymer clay?

If you have the desire to learn a new hobby for yourself, you can try to do to make flowers out of a material such as polymer clay.Flowers from the plastic of the particulate material obtained wonderful, very similar to the living.Polymeric bouquets to decorate the interior of the house is good, office;small flowers are used to create wedding boutonnieres and pins.You can also make your business - colors of polymer clay.Master Class with the description of actions we are giving our publication.Putting on the flow of polymer production plant is necessary only when they begin to turn out well.In the meantime, we'll show you how to make flowers out of polymer clay.

Polymer Clay - the material at first glance reminiscent of clay, hardening due later fired.It is also called "plastic".The most popular are the following classes: import "Fimo", "CERN" and domestic "Tsvetik."For the more experienced artists have a whole series of clay "Scully."

Except for the clay will need wax paper as a work surface, a sharp knife, a small rolling pin or bottle, foil for baking and other devices, depending on the product.For jewelry - rings, earrings, brooches - often use flowers made of polymer clay.Master-class manufacturing "flower" pendant given below.

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Of the additional tools needed: eyelet lace, toothpick, needle, super glue stick for shaping acrylic lacquer.

main thing - do not worry, even if you're doing the flowers for the first time.After all, excessive anxiety could affect the result of the work.Better to relax and get to work.You will love to make flowers out of polymer clay!

Master-class on making pendant purple.Take clay lilac shade.You can choose any color you like.Kneaded material forming of a sausage, flattened at one end.The section should look like flagellum petal daisies - long and narrow.Now, sausage cut into eight pieces.It is better to do more petals, then to choose the most successful.Each petal put on a hand, put a toothpick in it and pressed, thereby slightly arching workpiece.

of clay black cut out the middle of a flower.You can do this from the holster lipstick round shape.In the circle you need to put the petals and press each in the center of some stick to shape.Now

of finer sausages make eight pieces - for the inner circle of petals.Make a black ball to the middle of the flower.We put the ball in place and dent in it a few crystals of different sizes.It remains to attach the eye of our pendants.From inside the pendant glue his super-glue.

now send crude preform in the oven to dry.Baking time and temperature - according to package directions with clay.The cooled product varnish.

There are some difficulties in this work.But they are worth it, because the result - beautiful colors of polymer clay.Master class of other products, you can search the Internet, or unleash the imagination.