How to choose a wall-mounted heater.

man quite sensitive to any changes in ambient temperature.At all times people wanted to live in mild climates, but the growth of the population of the planet has led to what is required to settle in more and more territory, in particular, the regions where the climate was not so favorable.Since then, always in front of them is the problem of heating their homes.For most of the history of heating provides a fairly primitive natural means: fires, fireplaces, hearths, furnaces.Open fire - is not only warm, but also plenty of fear and inconvenience.With the development of science and technology a big step has been made in solving the heating problem.Electricity - the main source of heat in our time.

modern approach to heating

wall heater is worth considering as an interesting representative of electric heaters.According to the principle of action - a heat gun, that is a device that converts electrical energy into heat and then radiate that heat to the environment.In a constructive manner heater is a set of the following components: a heating part, the control unit, the fan housing, protection device.

wall electric heater as a heating element used spiral heaters where the heat source is an open spiral made of special materials, heating elements and plate-metal heaters.Many consumers - according to the reviews - agree that the best solution are the tools with the latest type of heaters, as they are the safest and most reliable in terms of operation.One can consider each element of the device individually.


wall heater has such an important element, as a fan, which provides the maximum rate of efficiency throughout the family of devices.Its mission is to provide forced air circulation, thereby warming the room much faster and more efficiently.Modern industry offers a huge selection of fans, particularly silent operation, low power consumption and a wide range of speed control.

management device

wall heater can be operated with manual or automatic control.Most modern devices use the second option that allows you to maintain a given temperature without human intervention.A distinctive feature of the machine with manual control is lower cost, but its disadvantage is that the user must always be involved in its operation.Many models have a remote control, through which, as evidenced by the owners, manage to improve the operation of the unit.

Protection Equipment

primarily focused on this element heater protection from overheating.Protection can be provided by the presence of human protective devices operating at damaged insulation parts under voltage.However, it is important to understand that the heater is a wall-mounted equipment of increased danger, so its operation should take place in compliance with safety regulations.


type housing version has a direct impact on the nature of the installation of the device.In this case, it allows you to mount the heater directly on the wall of the room.As they say users, it saves space in the room, eliminates the possibility of unwanted contact with the device, it fits well into the design space.Modern heating equipment enclosure made of materials that comply with all environmental, aesthetic and technical standards.

Features Use

wall heater is a device used to heat apartments and public premises.In constructive terms, this fan, in which air passes through the heating elements.The principle of operation of the device is quite simple.Fan heaters create airflow through a special heating elements.Further, the warm air is distributed evenly throughout the room.Thermostat provides its heating to the desired temperature.Once this happens, the device is switched off.When the room temperature drops, it is switched on again.

fan heater is supplied not only warm, but the cold air that is provided by turning off the heating element.Therefore, heaters for the home can be used as an ordinary fan.

features of different types of devices

Equipment in this category may be ceramic and spiral.The first option is considered to be more practical and reliable, it is characterized by a long service life.The heating element here are ceramic plates.Spiral heaters for the home are much cheaper, but their usability is not so high.They quickly "burn" oxygen, which does not allow to use them indoors for a long time.Besides, operation of such devices is accompanied by the following disadvantage: dust, which is present everywhere, lying in the air and turns on the spiral where it is burned, causing the appearance of odor.

wall heater Electrolux is equipped with protection against overheating and a timer that allows you to set the necessary time to work it off.In addition, you can not fear his sudden breakage due to overheating - is excluded.


wall heater, reviews of which testify to its convenience and practicality is good not only for the living room or bedroom, and bathroom.For this room there are special kinds of devices, are not afraid of moisture.In the base of this equipment is common towel rail.Thanks to this device will not only warm, but also dry things.

instruments differ in power.Most often, a wall heater, reviews which talk about its functionality, is characterized by power up to 2 kW.Devices with a high index is commonly called a heat gun.Such equipment is often powered by electricity, but there are models that operate on diesel or kerosene.However, such embodiments are not commonly used in everyday life.

interesting solution is a wall heater Timberk with integrated humidifier.During continuous operation, the air in the room becomes overdried, and this option makes it softer, allowing you to maintain health and immunity.


wall heater is a good solution, with which you can warm up at any time of the year.He quickly warms the room, characterized by a compact, lightweight and easy to install.It can be moved to another room without much effort.In modern models of devices combines a whole range of different functions, enabling them to replace several devices.