Green tea - harmful or helpful?

more than one millennium society appreciates and loves green leaf tea for a rich variety of useful properties.This attitude makes think seriously about whether or not the nutrients are present in this drink.We will try to answer the question of whether green tea is harmful or helpful.The topic is quite relevant and interesting.

It is known that this type of tea is a natural antioxidant and helps our body get rid of harmful chemical toxins and heavy metals.Due to this valuable property, it is recommended to drink virtually all pathologies, including in the prevention of cancer.For example, the ancient Chinese healers believed this miracle drink and used it to treat high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, heart disease and other ailments.

Modern healers and scientific medicine, too, no doubt surprising medicinal qualities of tea tree leaves.But we should not forget that the drink (in excessive quantities) can harm humans.As yet defined with green tea harmful or helpful?To do this you need to know all

about it contraindications, composition and dosage.Today we'll find out.

healthful drink composition

30% green tea consists of a mixture of several tens of polyphenolic compounds (catechols tannins and their derivatives).According to the content of tannins and essential oils of black tea gives green almost several times.It is also worth mentioning the presence in the beverage valuable alkaloids, which are beneficial to the nervous and cardiovascular systems.They also have a slight diuretic and vasodilator effects.

Leaves found amino acids (eg, glutamic).They are responsible for the normal course of metabolic and metabolic processes.In addition, this helps to restore an important element of the CNS.Many proteins, inorganic and mineral substances in tea leaves (iodine, gold, manganese, calcium, copper).It should be noted the presence of carotene (vitamin A), which ensures uninterrupted operation of the lung, urogenital, bronchi and vision.Nicotine-rich foods, ascorbic and folic acid, riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1) and vitamin K. real storehouse of valuable substances is green tea.For facial skin freshness, a healthy body and strength of spirit is recommended to use it as a drink to support young, keeps health and empowers.

best varieties

pick up really high-quality product is very problematic.China alone produces more than 1,500 species.No one really can not say how many varieties there are, but how good green tea from the given range, can be defined.Quality of product depends on many factors: the type of tea tree, climate zones, processing, collecting, care technology, leaf shape and taste, color and aroma.

Today, most producers are added to the green tea different flavors and harmful chemical dyes to cause the greatest demand among the visitors.To determine the presence of foreign elements in the composition can be: adulterated drink leaves traces on the mug.In order not to get hooked to the fraudsters offer to get acquainted with the most well-known varieties, such as "Tench", "Chun Mayer", "Lung Ching" and "Tong Chi."They are appreciated for refreshing flavor, rich flavor, rich color, clear brew, pleasant and long aftertaste.

ceremony brewing

to drink pleased the taste and benefit, should know how to cook it.It uses only pre-purified (filtered) water boil.Pour it into a clean tea and warms up the wall, then merge.Pour loose tea (150 ml - 1 teaspoon) and leave the lid on for 10 minutes to infuse.Before you drink green tea for the taste it is not forbidden to add honey or milk.The longer he will stand, the richer and terpche will.

to drink preserved in all the healing properties of the water temperature should not exceed 80 ° C.Incidentally, it is possible to four times brewed green tea leaf.Harmful or helpful this drink is still trying to find out experts around the world.But one thing is for sure: it has a tonic, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating properties.However, high doses can result in kidney stone formation.

For the prevention of heart disease

repeatedly shown that regular use of a drink a few times reduces the risk of heart disease.It helps to wash out of cholesterol and makes the blood vessels more elastic.Furthermore, tea improves biochemical composition of blood plasma.Practice verified that natural drink accelerates the decomposition of body fat, removes salt, struggling with high blood pressure, normalize endocrine processes and prevents weight gain (reduces appetite).

In Japan, there is an ancient recipe from atherosclerosis: dessert spoon on the crushed leaf green tea is necessary to take two eggs.All the ingredients are mixed thoroughly and drink immediately.Eat no more than once a day.You can take green tea in bags, pre-emptied the contents."Egg drink" helps to improve health, reduce cholesterol and cleanse the blood vessels.

Struggling with a cold - increases resistance

Based on the huge content of rutin (vitamin P) on the composition of the leaves of the tea tree illustrated drink consumed to raise immunity.In combination with a raspberry plant or mother-and-stepmother turns natural remedy for bronchitis.And with the addition of honey and lemon, you get a delicious infusion of healing, diuretic and diaphoretic effect.Take it at a high temperature, sore throat and weakness.

Can I drink green tea for gastro-intestinal diseases?

not only possible but also necessary to use it in order to prevent intestinal disorders.Drinking tea should be half an hour before meals.Cup delicious drink will stimulate bile secretion, reduce the acidity, improve the production of enzymes and improve the tone of the gastrointestinal tract.

It also helps to cope with pancreatitis, metabolic disorders, colitis and peptic ulcer disease.To achieve maximum therapeutic effect using walnut shells: in the cup takes a little tea spoon and five walnut walls, all filled with boiling water and leave for about ten minutes.

Winning oncology

catechins and tannins contained in the composition of the leaves of green wood, suppress harmful substances that give rise to a mutation of cells naturally removes radionuclides, preventing them from penetrating to the bone marrow.We know that the drink prolong our youth and health due to the content of antioxidants, and protects our cells from cancer and damaging effects from pathogens.Particularly useful green tea men - with its daily consumption reduces the risk of prostate cancer.It is a valuable asset and is the answer to the burning question of green tea harmful or helpful.

cosmetic properties

Beauty Industry actively using tea tree leaves in different directions: for rejuvenation, cleansing and toning the skin.Some recipes have come to us from our ancestors and is widely used in beauty salons.Natural product really works wonders with the skin, causing it to shine.

rejuvenates the cells and removes the damaged epithelium green tea.Reviews women, currently use this tool claim that it improves the texture of the skin, smooths wrinkles, restores elasticity, creaminess and smoothness.It is not necessary to visit salons for it, you can quickly and easily prepare masks, lotions and creams at home.Green tea is very useful for the person.To narrow pores and moisturizing every day, wipe the neck and face cubes of frozen beverage.

Recipe emollient lotion

Take a glass of mineral water, boil it, mix with a spoon of green tea leaves and a pinch of sugar.The prepared liquid is poured into a sterile flask and every day to wipe the face from pollution.Homemade cosmetic removes shine a little dries, refreshes and makes the skin soft.

Moisturizing Mask

Mix a spoonful of loose tea (chop) with the same amount of heavy cream or sour cream.The resulting mixture is applied to cleansed face, hold 15 minutes and rinse.The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week.

Scrub from greasy

Strong welding to connect with the egg white, Hercules flakes and a drop of lemon juice.Hold 10 minutes.After the procedure, it is desirable to lubricate the face moisturizer.Green tea facial mask in the form of pores, removes redness and refreshing.

Purifying Mask

Spoon grapefruit juice mixed with chopped tea and egg yolk.Apply with a brush or sponzhikom keep for 7-10 minutes.

helps rejuvenate and improve skin color and remove small defects green tea.Recipes of cosmetic products on the basis of this product are not complicated, and their cooking does not take much time.Qualitatively - not to expensive!

now about the dangers

After years of experiments and research experts have come to the conclusion: excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages a negative effect on the blood vessels of the brain.Caffeine is present in green tea, so do not exceed the recommended dosage.Permission is granted to him to drink up to three cups a day.

following side effects may provoke drink: insomnia, arrhythmia (heart rate), hypertension.Persons with increased nervousness dosage should be reduced to a minimum.Tea is contraindicated in gout and glaucoma.

With caution it is necessary to drink for pregnant women.From green tea should completely abandon during breastfeeding (it can reduce the amount of milk).Too strong drink should not drink during the exacerbation of chronic gastritis, renal failure and peptic ulcer disease.Also, it is necessary to eliminate from their menu for people suffering from osteoporosis, liver disease, and thyroid disease.

large amounts of caffeine prevents the absorption of calcium, which increases the risk of fractures and bone fractures.Abuse of this drink will negatively affect the condition of the skin (complexion becomes dull and yellow hue, will stand small flasks).Do not give it to children who have not attained the age of ten.

Remember that strong drink more caffeine and purine compounds, so do not get carried away with them, not to harm their health.Doctors do not recommend taking it after drinking alcohol on an empty stomach (increased acidity).Green tea contains a lot of tannins (antioxidant) which, when uncontrolled use disrupt the liver.

Stick measures and bypass the trouble you party.Here we fully understood is beneficial or harmful green tea.The drink has more advantages, but do not forget about the disadvantages.