Decorating the house siding wood

Everyone lucky enough to own their own home think about the problem of its external refining.No matter from which your house is built of logs or lumber.Finishing siding wooden house will be the most beneficial and cost-effective solution.This will not only improve the aesthetics of the building, but to make its insulation.

Finish wooden house siding should be done after a complete shrinkage of the walls.What is this decoration material?Siding - a band whose length can be from 2 to 6 meters and a width of 10-30 centimeters with a thickness of 1-10 millimeters.As a material of manufacturing siding is divided into several types:

· Wooden

· Steel

· Cement

· Aluminum

· Vinyl

profile siding is divided by only two kinds:

· «Tree" - single profile

· «board ship" - a double profile

Regardless of which profile you choose, the quality of the design is absolutely not affected.Your choice will depend on taste.Siding is easy to install, so it is possible to carry out finishing work on their own.

With what will finish the siding of a wooden house?Of course, with the dismantling of the old facade of the house.It should remove anything that might interfere with their presence decorating.Therefore, remove the shutters, doors, metal grilles, gutters, and trim system.We now have the bare exterior walls.

next step will seal all possible cracks in the walls or near windows and doors.During installation, this job is no longer possible to hold.Small repair of external walls will only benefit.After siding fit for many years.

Renovated set crate, for which you can use pieces of wood, galvanized steel or plastic profile.Using crates line the walls of the house.If your choice is stopped at the wooden bar, the pre-treat them with antiseptic.Crate house walls can be made of any material and for finishing the basement is used only galvanized metal profile.

order to ensure the smooth passage of the air flow between the wall and the siding, sheathing nailed vertically in increments of 40 cm.Decorating the house siding wood will give you an excellent opportunity to insulate the walls.This will add you to the costs of insulation materials and the second layer of crates, but will significantly save on heating homes during the cold season.For warming You can use mineral or glass wool and foam.

To assemble siding does not require special skills.All that is needed is orderly, a little patience and self-tapping screws with a screwdriver.Care should be taken to align the very first band.This will determine the correct attachment of the assembly.Each strip has perforations through them and are screwed screws.After securing the first panel, it snaps into the lock and a second band is also bolted to the crate.So we collect the wall.

When attaching siding panel via the screw should not tighten until it stops.Leave a few millimeters.This will allow the panels freely walk the streets at change of temperature and increase their service life.

qualitative carrying siding trim windows will save you from podduvaniya from the windows and misting.Finishing gable siding also requires special attention.The entire area of ​​the exterior walls of the house must be completely sheltered.Any gap or error in the assembly lead to the destruction of the walls of the house.

Carrying out all works at the highest level will allow you to have a beautiful and easy to care for a house that will please you for many years.