The pollution of the biosphere

Among the most important problems of humanity with which he has increasingly face in the early 21st century, continues to grow, such as pollution of the biosphere.It is part of a list of all complex global problems, which are considered modern science as such, it is capable of self-development, self-reproduction in all large scale, and to overcome which is possible only by joint efforts of all mankind.

industrial and economic activities of countries beginning to have such an impact on the biosphere of the Earth, that at this stage there is a real threat not only to actually clean natural environment, but also created the conditions for its physical and biological degeneration.This is manifested above all in violation of ecological community - an equilibrium state of the environment in which she is able to use internal resources to maintain the existence of the necessary chemical-biological level.Offset biocenosis occurring under the influence of such phenomena as pollution of the biosphere, it leads directly to the loss of the ability of self-control, which minimizes losses from all sorts of natural disasters and the negative effects of human management in the natural environment.

In some cases, you can now talk about achievement, or even exceeded, all the limits under which the biological environment is able to provide its stable existence.The problem is in the fact that humanity and science is still very poorly know these very limits of sustainability, which are formulated primarily on the basis of empiricism.However, in some parts of the world now there are irreversible degradation of the environment and the biosphere as a whole.You can list some of the most "sound" problem, which directly resulted in the pollution of the biosphere.

«greenhouse effect" - the phenomenon is associated with an increase in temperature in the northern latitudes of the Earth, for example, scientists say that the magnitude of this increase in the last thirty years was about 0.7 degrees.This temperature rise caused by increase in amount of carbon dioxide and other particulate compounds in the atmosphere.As a result - the absorption of excess air, the energy that is released by the Sun Earth.This effect is indeed a global problem of the biosphere, because its source is energoresursnye enterprise - CHP, nuclear power plants, and even hydroelectric power station, although until recently it was considered to be "energy water" clean.

same, truly "space" problem stands, and a decrease in the ozone layer.This protective shield, by their physical nature, is pulsating, ie to change its value under the influence of a number of factors.However, in recent decades in the complex factors of an increasingly prominent role steel plays a factor, not a space character, and a purely earthly and not positive.We are talking about excessive use in the production and life of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which actively destroy ozone.Signed international agreements on the preservation of the ozone layer, unfortunately, do not have the desired effect, is still ongoing pollution of the biosphere of these products.

ekoproblemoy important is the massive destruction of forests, which play a leading role in maintaining the stability of the ecological community all over the planet.Vast forests may well act as a major supplier of oxygen to the area tens of thousands of kilometers away.They are able to absorb the atmospheric pollution, protect soil from erosion, promote the normal flow of the river, to regulate circulation of oxygen and carbon in the natural environment.

wide resonance in the world of causes and problems of the biosphere caused by the actual "dirty" production and economic activities of people.

As stressed by pollution of soils, forests, water, the air, in all of these environments begin irreversible processes, and because their resolution should be seen by all mankind as the pressing problem that must be addressed today.