Is maternity capital to build a house

What is the capital of the parent?For what purpose it can be spent?

mother's capital is a form of state support for the Russian family in which there are children.Maternal capital was introduced in 2007, the amount of which increases every year.Obtain a certificate for the capital can family who adopted or gave birth to a second or third (or subsequent) child in the case earlier this capital was received by them.For all children who have Russian citizenship, since the beginning of 2007 until the end of 2016 provided for a form of support.

mother's capital is aimed at the following areas:

- to the child later received his education;

- to improve their housing, for example, the maternity capital to build a house or its reconstruction, as well as for the purchase of their own homes;

- to form the funded part of labor pensions.

Recently, the State Duma passed some amendments in the direction of the parent capital.This means that the capital may spend for self-construction of their homes.Now, to get the maternity capital to build a house necessarily involve specialized contracting companies.

Funds listed in 2 stages, first half of the amount of capital available when the owners bring a resolution to this construction.The second half of the money - when it started the construction, but not earlier than six months.Also, the maternity capital to build a house can be issued to those families who have the costs already built their own house.

for such purposes as obtaining a permit to build a house, you need to apply with the necessary application to the Pension Fund.The house is necessary to issue as a common property of the family.

Reconstruction - a relative term.Maternal capital may be directed to the reconstruction of the house, but not for its repair.For example, the transfer of funds is carried out on the reconstruction of old facilities or building new facilities.If the family decides to re-stick wallpaper, paint the ceiling or something like that, the funds from this capital will not be paid.But if you need to replace it, rebuild the loggia or conduct other similar works, which are always negotiated, included as the reconstruction of the premises.

To arrange a permit to build a house, you must obtain permission directly for carrying out any work on the site.All documents should be sent to the Pension Fund.The amount will be paid within a few months.Many people mistakenly believe that maternity capital is issued immediately after the filing of documents.But this is not the case.Just a couple of months will be listed money.

To perform cost accounting in the building, you must retain all records, receipts, and estimates for the materials that have been spent on the extension of the entire building.It must be remembered that the capital is given only once.You can not replace the certificate used if the size of his rose.Also, the maternity capital - is the provision of money unborn child, and his entire family.MSC operates only when presented the passport and birth certificate.

housing issue is most common in Russia of all.While the amendments to the legislation are, the maternity capital to build a house, you can safely use.And especially these amendments are required for large families, where the issue of own home is particularly acute.