How to ride the machine, and what are its characteristics?

Currently, the world's leading automakers produced nearly all vehicles with automatic transmission.This is not only new developments in terms of technological improvements, but also literate calculation because the machine determines your particular movement on the road and selects the most appropriate mode for the engine.How to ride on the machine and how it differs from the standard mechanics?Now we are in the most fully illuminate this important issue.

Until recently, you could hear the fierce debate as the supporters of one system or the other, but they gradually subsided.The fact that as a manual transmission, and have automatic has its own advantages and disadvantages, so for the proper formation of their attitude should be observed especially driving.

Most domestic cars equipped with a mechanical clutch actuated by a pedal which the driver presses the speed change.Here a person chooses the mode of management, which considers most appropriate in a particular road conditions.That this is the m

ain advantage of the mechanics.If we talk about automatic transmission, there have their own particular driving that should be considered.The question of how to ride on the machine, and what are the features of the control of the car is extremely important in the current environment, when more modern machines is equipped with automatic transmission.

So, we should start with the fact that there is such a car 2 pedals - gas and brake, so the management is involved only the left leg, while the right side is just on the running board.Simultaneously press the pedal can not be both, as in this case, the system may malfunction.That is what should be the sequence of steps in how to ride on the machine:

  1. engine starting from the position P (parking)
  2. depress the brake pedal and the smooth transfer of the lever to D (Drive), then slowly release the pedalbrake.The car begins to slow motion.Then press the gas pedal and start the movement.

In general, the shift lever clutch control has the following control modes:

R - reverse - moving back.

N - neutral (used for technical needs of the car, as well as its perekatki over short distances).

P - parking (parking for a long time).

D - drive (forward).

Many myths about automatic transmissions today debunked, so competent and good governance is best to look for an answer to the question of how to ride on the machine in accordance with the rules of operation of such vehicles.To clear the myths is that a car can not be towed, it is impossible to leave out of a snowdrift, you can not accelerate sharply if necessary, and be sure to comply with the terms of maintenance, which are specified in the operational vehicle passport.All of the above at present does not have any relation to the automatic transmission, as in fact the machine gives full advantage of the mechanics completely in all aspects.

fact that riding on the machine is very easy to use and is more reliable in terms of driving, and in terms of proper operation.As a result, the car with automatic perdachi will last you much longer than any other car with a mechanical switching during engine operation.Modern automatic transmissions are practically no friction parts, and a special torque converter significantly reduces the shock loads of character.As a result, the reliability and ruggedness of these vehicles is much higher than normal.

Summarizing all the above, it must be concluded that the most important in relation to not only box-machines, but also other things, the right to understand all the benefits of a particular technology trends.It turns out that under the right conditions the automatic transmission is much better and cheaper than manual.So the main thing immediately understand how to properly ride the machine and bring their skills to perfection.Good luck to you on the road.