Types of embroidery that will make your life more colorful

Surely in the wardrobe of every woman and girl has things that they put a couple of times, and may not be worn at all.

Eventually skirts, bluzochki and other clothing obsolete, out of fashion.How to give them a second life?There are many ways to make old things quite new.And one of them are different types of embroidery.

most famous and popular of its species are cross-stitch and embroidery.Let's learn more about them.

Types Cross Stitch

cross stitching - the easiest and most common way.He has several varieties.

simple cross - is sewn from right to left, from top to bottom and ending diagonal.Moreover, all the stitches are to be in the same direction.

elongated cross - technology is the same as in a simple cross.Only here stitch takes more than a single cell on the canvas.

seam rice - on the entire surface of the canvas sewn large crosses, each four strings.Then sewn stitches themselves.They have to pass through four points of the big cross.So it turns out new crosses.

Direct X - embroider horizontal and vertical stitches.

Ā«SlavicĀ» Cross - the same as the elongated, only with a slope and crosses.

Forms Embroidery

Expanse - a technique dense embroidery stitches.She is two-sided and one-sided.

Bilateral expanse - an embroidered pattern receive the same with both the front and the reverse side.

Unilateral expanse - is fundamentally different from the wrong side of the front side.

embroidery decorative embroidery is mainly used for embroidery of flowers, leaves, and so on. D. Petals sewn from the edge to the center, and the leaves - to the middle as the veins are located.

When embroidery verhoshovom front side embroidered thick stitches wrong side and it turns into a dotted line.

can be used for embroidering beads, ribbons, gold or silver thread.

painting, beaded, very beautiful.Beads transmit all the bright colors and shades.Images come to life like in his hands.For beadwork using a thin line, but you can embroider and ordinary thread.Important to the beads were identical in size and needle easily passes through the hole beads.

gold thread embroidery - for this technique are used exclusively gold or silver thread.They can be replaced lurex or filaments based plastics.

Samu rigmarole is attached to the fabric with a thread in one of three possible ways.It can be fixed, as the beads threading through small pieces of gimp.You can stretch a waste of time and thread the string through it, and then attach it to the fabric in several places.Rigid rigmarole need to stretch to the fabric and sew small stitches, but the thread through it already pass through is not required.

Embroidery ribbons - the easiest technique for all kinds of embroidery.It does not require a particularly scrupulous performance and provides the opportunity to put their flight of fancy needlework.

article lists only the most famous types of embroidery.But its technology continues to evolve and improve.To learn more about the kinds of embroidery can be in the literature for handy people.