Aerator lawn with his own hands: the idea to create

If faded lawn or lawn, you need to provide them with aerator.Without this device green areas will not grow properly, as they need air, which is not able to pass through a fairly firm ground.

need to use the tools described

If the plants are not supplied with oxygen, in particular with regard to their roots, they will gradually wither away.This is true for areas where the soil has a high degree of density.You can make a lawn aerator with your hands, you do not have to stock up on some special materials and tools.For work, you can select one of the existing models is right for you.

Aeration - first aid plants

plants Oxygen is essential to the oxidation of minerals and decomposed organic matter.Without such manipulation, no fertilizer, watering and care not be able to stop the rot of grass.Lawn for any purpose, whether it is sports or universal, will suffocate without a procedure such as soil aeration.This is particularly true of coatings, which often move people.Need a lawn aerator, with your hands, you can make it.This is also for those areas that are frequently exposed to precipitation.Enriches the soil with oxygen must be periodically follow a certain schedule.

Frequency of soil enrichment with oxygen

Such manipulations must be carried out not less than once during the season.However, it is true, if it is a fairly light soils.If your site clay soil, lawn aerator with their hands must be made, since it will be used more often.The frequency of the procedures described in this case need to be increased by 2 times.

Produce aeration is needed in the schedule if drought proved enduring.This is true even when the warmer months, accompanied by endless rain.You can use gasoline or electric appliances.For emergency plants can also be used hand tools.Determine symptoms insufficient quantity of air which is supplied to the roots of plants, by using the conventional forks.They need to pierce the turf, absorbed by 15 cm, if the hole is not different active plant vital functions, the piercing continue this way must continue.Pierce the surface of the lawn with hand tools is necessary, departing 10 centimeters from one another puncture.

Making Machine Tool

aerator lawn with his own hands can be easily manufactured.For this design can be used, which are called gazonostupami.They can be manufactured using conventional footwear.In this case, the need to attach soles nails.As a result, you should get shoes with spikes.In order for such home-made with his own hands to perform, you need to use a pair of shoes that later on you will be used only for data manipulation.

Under shoe size is necessary to prepare the wooden boards that can be cut an electric jigsaw.You should get something like the sole, resembling a hedgehog.As a template is recommended to apply any shoes.You must select a board that differs quite impressive thickness.This will ensure the retention of the nails in her body.The finished plate is necessary to tighten the long nails can be used for this purpose are the length of screws, which are screwed into prepared soles.It is necessary that the soil nails are included not less than 10 centimeters.Only then can we ensure the effectiveness of these activities.Now you need to attach to the board with the resulting shoe fixed on her nails.You can use the straps, as are permissible to apply those that have been borrowed from the old backpacks.Now you need to fasten the two designs to each other, and then walk around the lawn and enjoy the effect in a few days.The lawn will again breathe.

Manufacturing Lawn aerators large area

Homemade own hands can be performed for a sufficiently large lawn.It's not only speed, but also simplify the work.Such a tool can perform any master.To do this, prepare to be part of the pipe, which should have a significant diameter, its length should be 50 centimeters.It needs iron, as well as nails with a length equal to 10 cm. It will be necessary to prepare and welding machine as well as bearings and sebaceous tube.The manufacturing process is not accompanied by greater complexity.A beautiful lawn you get when you use such equipment, which is manufactured by performing a cylinder pipe and steel.Through this element must pass the shaft bearings.The empty space inside the pipe should be filled with sand, but more efficient use of small fraction gravel.On the outer perimeter of the pipe must be secured by welding nails, placing them in a checkerboard pattern.The tip of fasteners should be paid out.As a result, you should get the item that resembles a metal hedgehog.

Final work

beautiful lawn you manage to get by making the tool that is described in this article.The last stage will be necessary to strengthen the resulting items on the bracket, which has a wooden handle.This will use the tool more comfortable.Push it will be very easy.

alternative manufacturing tools

Lawn aerators electric preferable to buy in the store, but here as mechanical devices, then make them yourself fairly easily.The first variety of tools designed to handle a large area of ​​lawn.The most common privately owned lawns, which are not as impressive area.A further embodiment of the manufacture of the aerator is simple enough.For work will be necessary to prepare a screwdriver, steel or wooden plates having a width equal to 5 cm. As for the length of the plate, it can be of any size.Such a mechanical lawn aerator can not be manufactured without the use of screws.

technology independent production tool

The plates will need to make holes, placing them so that they are oriented in a staggered manner.Then, using the screwdriver, install screws.The plates can be mounted on the frame, which will simply strike the surface of the plants.Gasoline lawn aerator, of course, will it work in at least the short term, but its use assumes the cost of fuel, which increases the cost of maintenance of the lawn.It is not always appreciated by those who keep the lawn for your own pleasure in the territory of a country area.