How to prepare a batter for frying fish?

main method of cooking fish is usually its roasting.Before lowering the pieces directly into the boiling oil into the pan in their crumbling flour or batter.Using a thick mixture for dipping provides a mouth-watering meal in golden and crisp.This article describes how to prepare a batter for frying fish.Most often, this method is used in the processing of marine species product.Freshwater fish are usually not fried in batter.Each of the proposed liquid panirovok in its own good and has a special taste.

Preparation of batter for frying fish most common way

The easiest option is to use as a base of milk and eggs.Whisk the yolks of six with two cups of warm milk, add a little salt, pepper and any vegetable oil.The mixture was gradually add flour and knead the dough with a fork medium thickness.Then, in the resulting batter enter the six Beat the whites and gently stir.The volume of this liquid mass should be sufficient for the preparation of one and a half kilos of chopped fish fillets.

How to prepare batter for frying fish protein?

particularly delicate taste is obtained, if the previous recipe change somewhat, excluding milk and egg yolks.Whisk whisk in a solid foam proteins, five and a half teaspoon of salt.Then add the flour, gradually adding water (half a cup).Such a magnificent batter should be used immediately and not leave it to the store.

original potato batter

Rub three major potato tuber on a medium grater.Pressing juice secreted potatoes during processing is not necessary.Add the weight of a single egg, salt and spices.Then sypte flour and knead the dough.Pieces of fish cut into a plate thickness not exceeding one - one and a half centimeters.Crumble them before frying the potato mixture, pressing down a lot in the process.

How to prepare batter for frying fish on fasting days?

test breading can be done without the presence of dairy ingredients and eggs.To do this, mix four tablespoons of starch with a spoon of corn flour.Season with salt and spices.In dry mixture add one finely chopped fresh onion and a clove of garlic.Then pour the water and knead until the desired thickness.

How to prepare batter for frying fish on the basis of beer

unusual taste and peculiar splendor will have crisp crusts, covering fish, if you use the foam low-alcohol beverage.In a bowl, pour half a glass of flour, make an indentation and pour a hundred and fifty grams of beer.From stir, hammer into the mix one egg.Such a liquid batter will provide a particularly attractive fried to be like lace.

How to prepare batter for frying fish cheese?

Mix three tablespoons of mayonnaise with two eggs, salt and spices.Add one hundred grams of coarsely grated cheese.Then, to the desired thickness sypte flour and kneaded.This batter will give the dish a special piquancy and nutritious.