Suede shoes - status and beauty

Choosing a real woman - beautiful and quality shoes made of genuine suede.Only that material at all times preferred master shoe cases perfectly knowing its advantages compared with other materials.Properties suede are such that it can provide a gentle female legs maximum warmth and comfort.In addition, suede shoes not only looks great but also makes walking woman seductive and graceful, and most importantly - natural.

possible to determine the real suede

to this question will not be answered unequivocally - it is best to determine the quality and naturalness of suede material can only specialists in the laboratory.But this is an incredibly important - in the spring season, with heavy rain and puddles, good natural suede shoes protect the feet of its owner on the amount of water is four times greater than that weighs itself.In appearance quality material differs movable amenable to easy "combing" pile, as well as the fact that this suede shoe surface can not remain after the touch imprints.

Meticulous care of the naughty boots

Many women have concerns that suede shoes in the winter exposed to too much risk.After close contact with chemicals on roads and reagents for ice control, such delicate little things could be seriously affected.So, give up the beautiful boots from the latest design collections for the acquisition of which for a long time to save the entire salary?Never!It is better to spend money on extra-care and cleaning - modern technology will not give offense to the suede, not only qualitatively clearing it, but also giving additional properties.If suede shoes gets careful nursing, the less stain, easy to clean, virtually no fade, and even considerably softened.

care set is whimsical and delicate shoes should include: special brushes (rubber and crepe), cleaner material, its color - where necessary, and to protect it from excessive moisture, as well as high-quality water-repellent spray.

If used suede shoes in dry weather, it should be cleaned daily hard rubber brush with the addition of special cleaners, and then you can lightly touch up designed specifically for suede spray paint.To remove dust and dirt from the soles and heels need to use a flannel moistened cloth.After all the complex care of shoes can be dried, combed pre-pile tough crepe brush.

cleaning suede shoes after walking through puddles, when there are stains on the surface of the wet mud, can be improvised means: dilute ammonia (2 tsp) in water (8 tsp), then soak in a solution and cotton woolwipe the place of contamination.Furthermore, chamois can be cleaned with baking soda diluted in warm milk (7 g. 350 ml.).After any method of cleaning shoes should be wiped with a clean cotton swab moistened with water, and carefully dry the best - on the ferry.

suede shoes to restore and upgrade, to save her the shiny threadbare plots, you must thoroughly clean them from dirt and dust and scrub with a stiff brush and wipe a small amount of dry, coarse table salt.You can also rub the eraser zalosnivshiesya place.In no case can not be subjected to water procedures suede - so she can lose elasticity, become ugly and rough.Instead, hold the material for a few minutes on the ferry - it brings back the original shoe fresh and cheerful look.