Dotage: symptoms, causes and treatment

now widely known such diseases as senility.Signs of it in general are known to almost all, but only at the level of anecdotes.Although the insanity - it's not funny.It's pretty serious and dangerous disease, which can lead to disastrous consequences.In this article, we will describe the causes of such diseases as senility, its signs and treatment options.So, let's begin.

dotage: signs

This disease is another called the "disintegration of personality."It is characterized as the most serious adverse disorder caused by mental changes that occur due to atrophy processes in the brain.Onset of the disease is slow and unobtrusive.For a more severe form of insanity is characterized by such symptoms as exhaustion, eating disorders brain tissue cover, degeneration of internal organs, as well as the increased fragility of bones.In humans, the patient marasmus, as seen in a bad mood, a feeling of worthlessness, loss of interest in life, impaired attention, speech disorder abstract thinking.It is believed that old age people spoiled and that is natural.But in fact, and this may be a symptom of such diseases as senility.Signs it also includes exaggeration traits, narrowing the range of interests.All this is due to several reasons.

senility, from which it arises

origin of this disease is not clear.Many attribute it to old age or heredity.It is also possible causes of this disease are high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity, constant stress, alcoholism.

dotage: how to avoid

general, this disease can occur not only in old age.Therefore, below are helpful tips should be read to all without exception.In order to avoid this disease, you need not stop to support the work of the brain, in other words, engage in intellectual activities.That is why all the doctors without interruption say that much more useful to give the elderly a magazine with crosswords and puzzles than TV or radio.Also, to avoid this condition, it is necessary to live and active fullest.Once a person begins to humble ourselves to the fact that it is old and its existence is coming to its logical conclusion, he signed his own death warrant.We must live life to the very end.Take the funds for their elderly relatives and give them at least a little trip, a new book or chess.Let them develop throughout their life, then they will be able to maintain your mind and be happy until the last day.

How to treat senile

possibilities of medical treatment is extremely narrow.There is the world's single means of senility.Still, if there was senile, what to do?It is advisable to exercise proper care and monitoring of patients, ensure that they are as much as possible is idle during the day, of course, within reasonable limits.Are useful and vitamins.