Shampoo your hands to make a

beauty care is inextricably linked to the maintenance of health.Hair, nails, skin first signal about internal problems, but they are most aggressive influence of external factors.One of these factors - detergents for hair and body.To mitigate their impact, many try to make soap and shampoo their own hands.

If you belong to these enthusiasts, do not be afraid of the complexity factor.You should begin with a simple.Before you make shampoo at home, you should cook the ingredients.

has long been used for washing hair egg yolks.This technique has not lost relevance, are added to yolks additional components, depending on the type of hair.Here are some recipes for which shampoo is made with his own hands on the basis of the yolks.

For dry hair: Mix egg yolk with two tablespoons of castor oil.Wash your hair with this mixture, carefully massaging the scalp.Dry damaged curls good wash with egg shampoo with gelatin.It is soaked in water and heated to dissolution ostuzhennym added to the yolk.A single tablespoon of dry instant gelatin.It penetrates directly into the hair through the damaged shell, improving their structure.If curls fat, egg yolks should be mixed with 50 ml of brandy and two tablespoons of water.After shampooing egg shampoo, do not forget to rinse your hair with acidified water.For the acidic component, you can use vinegar, but the best - natural citric acid from fresh fruit, it will add shine.

Another old but forgotten method of cleaning hair - brown bread.It is advisable to buy the easiest rye bread, without any flavors, better - yesterday.His finely cut, even faster - in a blender grind to a state of crumbs, pour warm boiled water.Keep in water until a creamy paste.This mass is applied to the hair, wrap head with a thin towel.After half an hour rinse with curls and carefully combed fine comb the remaining crumbs.

course, combing crumbs adds hassle for which loses the useful properties of the grain cleaning hair.I would like to have a cleaner, more familiar.How?Prepare a shampoo at home, so he had the usual consistency difficult.It is enough to buy in the store a liquid base for shampoo, it does not contain harmful substances, parabens - methyl or propyl, which is aggressive towards hair.From such foundations do shampoo your own hands can be for any curls, adding the appropriate ingredients.

easiest 50ml fundamental base mix with 150 ml of boiling or distsilirovannoy water, add 5-10 drops of fragrant essential oil to taste and a teaspoon of base oil.This base oil allows different versions of shampoos.If your hair is dry, the oil should be taken twice, for oily hair, respectively, to reduce the amount.This is necessary to consider the properties of the base oil, its ability to influence hair.

Almond and grape seed oil is used to fill the moisture dry skin, similar to the effect it has on your hair.If you add these oils to the home shampoo, dry curls full of inner strength, they will become more elastic.Because essential oils are appropriate to use a tea rose.

almond oil and grapeseed are universal, they can be added to any shampoo your hands.For oily hair as aromatic additives desirable to use tea tree oil.If they are too dry and very damaged, add in shampoo jojoba oil.

effect of cooking own shampoo quickly manifested in the form of fortified roots and shiny healthy hair.