The boy, who was brought up as a girl

the cruelty of the experiment and its consequences ...

In 1965, the eight-month baby Bruce Reimer, who was born in Winnipeg, Canada, on the advice of doctors underwent circumcision.However, due to an error of the surgeon who performed the operation, the boy had been completely damaged penis.Psychologist John Money of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA), which seek the advice of the child's parents, advised them to "easy" way out of a difficult situation: Back to sex of the baby and raise him as a girl until he grew up and began to experience complexesabout his impotency.

Said - done: Bruce soon became a brand.Distressed parents are unaware that their child was the victim of a cruel experiment: John Money was looking for an opportunity to prove that sexual identity is not due to the nature and upbringing, and Bruce was the perfect object of observation.

boy testicles were removed and then for several years, Mani published in scientific journals reports "successful" development of its experimental."It is clear that the child behaves like an active little girl and her behavior is very different from the boyish behavior of her twin brother," - says the scientist.

However, their homes, and teachers at the school noticed the child's typical boyish behavior and biased perception.Worst of all was the fact that parents are hiding from his son-daughter truth, experience strong emotional stress.As a result, the mother observed suicidal, his father became an alcoholic, and twin brother was in constant depression.

When Bruce-Brand reached adolescence, he began to give estrogen to stimulate breast growth and then Mani insisted on a new operation, in which Brenda had to create female genitals.But then Bruce-Brand rebelled.He refused to do the surgery, and ceased to come to the reception to Mani.One after another, followed by three suicide attempts.The last one ended in coma for him, but he recovered and began to fight for the return to a normal existence - as a man.

He changed his name to David, and shaved hair and started wearing men's clothes.In 1997, he went through a series of reconstructive operations to restore the physical gender.He also married a woman and adopted her three children.However, the happy ending did not happen: in May 2004, after breaking up with his wife, David Reimer committed suicide at the age of 38 years.

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