Structure and function of sociology

the country's transition to democracy has led to the expansion of the rights and freedoms of citizens increased choice, which resulted in the need to understand the processes occurring in society.And there is a new science - sociology, which focuses on the study of society in all its aspects in order to solve global problems.How to define sociology?What is the structure and function of sociology as a science?

sociology as a science is a theory of society, social relations and social communities.

object and subject of sociology, sociology function.Structure and function of sociology as a science.The subject of the structure and function of sociology.

Under the object of any science is understood as something that directed the study.And the object of study is the relation of the parties and communication components of the object of study.The object of sociology in particular, is a social reality.The subject of study of sociology - the activity of the individual, groups and social communities.

structure and function of sociology.

functions: descriptive, informative, predictive, epistemological, converter, world outlook.

  1. descriptive function.These documents are systematized knowledge in the form of various kinds, books, research reports and articles.On this basis form the practical conclusions and make management decisions.
  2. Information function.

Represents the collection, compilation and systematization of information arising from research.The information is stored in the computer memory in sociological centers and is available for use in the practice as necessary.

  1. predictive function.The results of sociological research is the social long-term or short-term forecast.The forecast is based on the opening of the factors affecting the object and the development trend of social phenomenon.
  2. epistemological.Evaluation of the known world is carried out from the perspective of the individual.Sociology seeks to obtain and organize new knowledge, to obtain an overall picture of the processes occurring in the world.This allows you to determine what problems exist in a society that requires change, and what is not.
  3. transformative function.

After social studies conclusions, suggestions and recommendations on the basis of which management decisions are made.That is, there is the embodiment of theoretical calculations in practice.

  1. function of worldview.

Sociology actively influences the social and political life of society, contributing to its research progress of society.

structure and function of sociology.

One of the most common is the division into theoretical and empirical sociology.The division is based on the division of sociological knowledge on the theoretical and empirical.

There is a division depending on the object of research and theory on metasotsiologiyu sociology.The object appears metasotsiologii sociology itself, namely, its laws and educational opportunities.And the theory of sociology studies social reality.

Depending on the tasks and responsibilities distinguish the fundamental sociology, as well as theoretical and applied sociology.The first solves the problems associated with the formation of knowledge about the processes taking place in the social reality, the development of techniques and methods of sociological research, breeding sociological concepts.The second is aimed at studying and solving the problems arising from the need to transform social reality.

Sociology is very important, because its research aimed at obtaining

necessary experience.The findings and results are recorded on various media and subsequently used in practice.Thus solved the most important global issues, and the whole of humanity.