How to cook a delicious meatball soup: recipe meatballs

all the usual lunch consists of a first course (soup, borscht or boiling), the second with a side dish and a vegetable salad.Every housewife knows how difficult it is to please the home and serve a dish that will be enjoyed by all family members, particularly young children, fastidiousness in eating which is known to every mother.Today we tell about how to cook the meatballs for the soup, the recipe of which several versions can be found in our article.Light soup with vegetables and meat balls exactly like finicky kids, and adults will not disregard your culinary talents.

How to make meatballs for the soup: recipe number 1 - the classic

to cook delicious and juicy meat balls, you need the following ingredients:

- half kilogram of meat, you can use any: beef, pork or a mixture;
- 50 ml of milk;
- crumb half loaf (need to cut the crust);
- to taste a little salt and pepper.Bread

soak in the milk would be sufficient to lower it to a liquid for 5 minutes, and then turn it into a soft smooth paste by hand or blender.Mix with minced meat, salt and pepper.By the way, if you want to have turned the air, mouth-watering meat balls, skip the meat through a meat grinder 2-3.Cooking meatballs will not take you 20 minutes and: moisten your hands with water or egg white and from the weight of Fashion a small, walnut-sized balls.Not necessarily every time, preparing the soup, make a new batch.It is perfectly possible to freeze the balls and use of the blank later.To do this, proceed as follows: Put the meatballs on a cutting board and store in the freezer for a few hours.After this time, remove them from the refrigerator and place portions in bags, in every - 15-20 pieces.Simple and convenient.

Meatball Soup: Recipe number 2 - especially for children

If your child is in any does not want to eat the first meal, then offer him such an unusual dish that's where the meat balls do not float, but the real "octopus".To make this miracle you need:

- 300g minced meat of your choice;
- 10 pcs.spaghetti (yes, 10 long, thin macaroni);
- a quarter of the bulb;
- salt, egg yolk and black pepper.

Finely chop the onion or grate it on a coarse grater, add the minced meat mixed with egg yolk, salt and pepper.You must obtain a homogeneous mass of meat.Now lepim meatball soup.The recipe contains a little secret: you have to get the "octopus", first blind by a small meat ball, after a long macaroni Break 1 to 3 parts and just pierce them meatball.In the process of cooking spaghetti seethe, and the edges are obtained koloboks beautiful legs, spaghetti.The child will love this unusual soup.Now that you know how to cook meatballs.Keep in mind that they are usually lowered into the pan for 15 minutes before end of cooking.And if you prepare meat balls for the future, as described in the recipe number 1, the soup is delicious and easy to cook, you can literally half an hour.