Speed ​​Dial ("Opera"): Tips for setting up and using

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Perhaps one of the most useful chips invented by the developers of the popular browser is the express panel."Opera" twentieth version, unlike its predecessors, has received a lot more options for customizing the window, and even surpassed its main rival - Google Chrome.

What express panel?

Express panel - a separate page in Opera, which allows quick access to your favorite websites.When you open a blank tab, you immediately see it - the nine cells, each of which is a reference, and leads to a particular web page.

Where to find the settings?

Now that you know where to express panel in the "Opera" is, you can talk about the settings.To go to the options and specify the appropriate settings you need to click on the icon Opera's upper left corner and select the menu item "Settings" (you can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt + P).

At the bottom of the window you can see the inscription "Show advanced settings".Put a tick next to it.After this, the screen will display new items and, in particular, the "home page".

Then we'll find out how to change the express panel."Opera" allows you to adjust the appearance of the home page in strict accordance with the needs of the user.

thumbnail size

Inside each cell to express the panel there is an image of the page to which it leads.By putting a tick next to the item "Use large thumbnails" or removing it, you can increase or decrease the size of these images, depending on your desires.If you plan to keep tabs of a large number of sites, of course, is more convenient to use small thumbnails: so you will be able to place on the express panel is much more links without having to scroll.

Number of columns

Another interesting option that will allow you to change the express panel."Opera" can be used to host your bookmarks from two to nine columns.However, these options work correctly only when using small thumbnails.

Theme and screensaver

Now let's talk about how to make express panel "Opera" change-browser is beautiful and her appearance.To do this you need to open the home page and then click on an empty space right mouse button.In the context menu, you will see the item "Change theme".

Next, you can choose one of the ready-made or create your own.Several themes are available immediately, without downloading.These models are in the "Themes default."

Where to find new topics for Opera?

But let's face it: standard themes look dull and uninteresting.Find something new and interesting, you can, by clicking on "Get new themes".The browser will redirect you to a website where you can add new themes.You can choose one of four categories: "Best", "Best", "Popular" and "new."

To add a topic, click on the image you like and then click on the green button "Add to Opera».

Immediately after that initial design registration page your browser will change.

You can always go back to the previous topic.In order on the page "Change theme" of which we have already mentioned above, the need to go to "My theme" and choose what you need.

How to create your own theme to express the panel?

In order to do this, a separate menu item.First of all, the system will ask you to come up with a name for the new style.You can then select the image you want to use from the files saved on your computer.

next step - fit the image on the lower or upper edge.Also, the image can be positioned in the middle.

, among other things, to create custom menu allows you to select the text color for items express panel - white or black.

Finally, you can only add a shadow to the text, or remove it, and then the finished design style can be saved and used.

How to add a new item?

Now let's talk about how to add a new cell with links to web pages on the express panel."Opera" in this respect has almost no restrictions - home page may take a set of rows.

Below the existing link, you can see the empty cell with a plus sign.When you click on it, you will see a new window to add links.You will be offered several options.And clicking on the "More" at the bottom of the screen, you will pass on to you the familiar page additions (that's where you downloaded the new theme).There you can see a list of the best sites and services that you can add to itself in bookmarks to later move them with just one click.

If you know the address of the site you want, you can just enter the address of the page you are interested in a special line - the link will be immediately added to the Express board."Opera" also allows you to modify existing elements.

How to edit cells express panel?

In fact, you are encouraged to change only two parameters for existing elements: a name and link.

name - is the name you see a thumbnail of the site.This need not be the official name of the resource - you can use your own registry.For example, "Cool Movies", "Work", "to exchange" or "Music".

In addition, you can change the link.For example, make sure that the cell is not conducted on the main page of a site, and on the other.

How to remove an item?

If any of the existing bookmarks you no longer need, and you want to remove it, just click on the selected cell, right-click and from the context menu, select "Delete."

How to change cell sites?

New versions of the browser it can be done simply by dragging the mouse on a certain element where you want it.This option is also very useful, because you can distribute all the links so that they appear at the top that you use most often.How to keep

Express panel Opera, and move it to another computer?

To begin with let's see how to save express panel "Opera".

Unfortunately, the browser means this is not possible - will have a little "dig deeper" in the system files.The first thing you need to go to the folder with the profile of the browser.By default, all the needed documents are stored at «C: // Documents and Settings / * yourname * / Application Data / Opera / Opera».

exact address can always be found by clicking on the icon Opera's upper left corner of the browser and select the menu item "About".We are interested in the address prescribed in "Path: Profile."

open this folder, you'll see a lot of files.Among them, we are interested in a document called speeddial.ini - it is responsible for setting express panel.

Now that your home page after deleting the browser or OS reinstallation looked the same, you need to save the file on a flash drive, and then "throw" it into the same folder.The changes take effect only after restarting the program.

The same method can be used if you are looking for information on how to transfer express panel "Opera" to another computer.

home page does not appear: what to do?

Finally, consider another common problem: a situation in which instead of the usual tabs you only see a blank page.How to restore the express panel "Opera" in-browser is this case?

  1. Open the browser and go to "Other instruments - & gt;Sync. "You will be redirected to the Opera Link.
  2. Create an account or enter your username and password to log in.
  3. Now, log in, you will always see saved for your account options and be able to get access to personal information even from other browsers.

Now you know the main features and settings Express panel Opera.And what browser to use the most convenient for you?